Annual Salsa Contest for Gateway Farmers Market


⚠️ Who’s ready for a Salsa Showdown?! 🌶️🍅
Coming August 12th, 2023 at 10am, Gateway Farmers Market will be hosting our 1st annual Salsa Showdown Contest.

Mild Salsa – Hot Salsa – Specialty Salsa
Prizes for: 1st Place – 2nd Place – 3rd Place – Best All Around Salsa

‼️ Rules ‼️
•You must fill out an entry form on our website.
❖Salsa contest is open to anyone.

❖All salsa must be homemade.

❖All safe food handling and canning processes must be followed per the Arkansas Homemade Food Production Guidelines.

❖Production of Salsa requires the use of ADH approved recipes (attached), evaluated by a Process Authority, or use of a calibrated pH meter. A pH meter is available on Amazon, or other retailers online.

❖ Salsa jars must be heat treated to kill vegetative cells and lids must be sealed.

❖Contestants must supply one (1) pint of salsa for judges.

❖A label with Name, address, phone number must be affixed to the salsa jar.

❖All ingredients and pH must be listed on a label affixed to the salsa jar.

❖Contestants may enter each category.

❖Salsa will be judged on appearance, taste, aroma, and creativity.

❖Entries must be turned in on Tuesday, August 8th, 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM, at the Gateway Farmers Market, 602 E. Jefferson.

❖Blind judging will begin on Saturday, August 12th at 10:00 AM at the Gateway Farmers Market and winners will be announced shortly after contest has ended.

❖Contestants must be present to win.

❖For additional information please email or contact
Market Manager – Cindy Gladden 903-824-0140

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