Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Hosting National Disability Awareness Month Event at Texarkana College


October marks National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Arkansas Rehabilitation Services will be hosting an event tomorrow, October 26th titled Advancing Access and Equity at Texarkana College. Several speakers are planned to attend the event tomorrow including both the Texarkana and Arkansas Mayors, who will be making a proclamation in support of disability awareness month and helping people in our area find employment.

Teara Lindholm, Business Engagement Representative for Arkansas Rehabilitation Services is a liaison between local businesses and the programs at Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. “The event tomorrow is targeted towards the businesses and business owners around the Texarkana area. We want to present them with information about the services we provide employees and potential employees. We help prepare employees who have lost jobs in the past due to disabilities, and support those who are struggling in the workforce. The term disability can range from learning disabilities, to hearing loss, accidents that have caused personal harm, even diabetes. Our services truly cover a wide list of disabilities that employees can face in their own lives that impacts their working abilities. What we hope to provide in the event is information to possible employers about how we can provide resources for employees struggling, while also providing them with employees who have gone through training that allow them to work in local businesses while also accommodating their personal disabilities,” said Teara.

“Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, service seven counties, including Miller County. The event tomorrow, is mainly geared toward those Texarkana companies. Our motto is ‘Return to work, and stay at work.’ We want to be able to share information to local businesses about how our services work, and how we can come in to support their employees so businesses can continue to succeed, and employees can remain employed. Through our access with local businesses we can assess jobs, employees and policies, while creating changes that may be beneficial to allowing employees to remain employed,” said Teara.

“We provide so many services for those looking for jobs, and those struggling with disabilities in the workforce. We encourage etiquette training, interview training, help build resumes, while also working with local businesses to break down preconceived notions about disabilities in the workforce,” said Teara. Yvonne Rowland, Access and Accommodations from Arkansas Rehabilitation, Little Rock will be presenting on the Return to Work/ Stay at Work model.

The event will be held at Texarkana College in Levi Hall, from 2-3PM located at 2500N Robinson Road, Texarkana, Texas. For more information about Arkansas Rehabilitation Services you can call them directly at Phone: (870) 773-2807. Teara is also available to provide information about their services and you can reach her by dialing: (501) 517-9655 or emailing her at

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