BCSO arrests two after stealing 10 firearms from home


Bowie County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men involved in a home burglary Wednesday in Redwater in which the men stole multiple firearms from a home.

According to Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Neal, “when leaving for work on the morning of June 10, 2015 one of Steve Falgout’s neighbors noticed a vehicle in the driveway of his home that did not belong at his house. This neighbor pulled into Mr. Falgout’s driveway to check on this vehicle. While driving down the driveway, a black male who does not live at this location came out of the house carrying a black rifle case. A short time later, a second black male emerged from the home carrying a handgun by his side. Both of these burglars jumped into the vehicle sitting in the driveway and fled the area.”

According to Neal the witnesses tried to follow the suspects but soon lost site, but not before getting the car’s license plate number.

The homeowner reported that 10 firearms and a two pellet guns had been stolen.

“Using the registration information from the suspect vehicle, Captain Jerl Palmore, Investigator Robby McCarver and Investigator David Biggar set out to make contact with the owner of this vehicle. When they arrived at the registered owner’s address they found Antonio Martaze Nelson who is 22 years of age of Wake Village, Texas in the parking lot of the apartment complex where the vehicle owner lives,” Neal said. “The investigators immediately recognized Mr. Nelson as a known burglar. Mr. Nelson confirmed he had picked up a guy at Mr. Falgout’s house and admitted to hiding the suspect vehicle that belongs to his girlfriend in Texarkana, Arkansas.”

Investigators then used Nelson’s cell phone to contact another witnesses who said that Nelson had been with 24 year old Roy Keith Meadows at the time. The witness had also heard the pair had broken into a home and were in possession of stolen firearms.

Recovered Firearms
recovered firearms

According to Neal while the investigators were still speaking to this witness, another person pulled up and said that Mr. Meadows was at a home at West 15th and Bowie Street.

“When they arrived at this location, Investigator McCarver saw a black male later identified as Roy Meadows move rapidly into an open garage and conceal something behind the opening of the door. This item was found to be one of the firearms stolen from Mr. Falgout’s home,” said Neal. “Five additional firearms stolen from Mr. Falgout were eventually recovered various places around this home where Mr. Meadows had hidden them. Mr. Meadows confessed to breaking into Mr. Falgout’s home and stealing his guns. He was arrested for burglary of a habitation and booked into the Bi-State jail.”

According to Neal in a second interview with Captain Palmore Mr. Nelson admitted his involvement in this burglary and led investigators to the location of three additional firearms stolen during this burglary.

“These guns were hidden around the apartment complex where investigators originally made contact with him.”

Both Nelson and Meadows had their bonds set by Judge Nancy Talley at $50,000.00 each.

According to Neal three items stolen from Mr. Falgout’s home are still unaccounted for. They are a Springfield XD .45 caliber handgun, a Benjamin .20 caliber pellet gun and an H&K pellet pistol. Anyone with information about this burglary or the location of this stolen property should contact Investigator Robby McCarver at 903.798.3149 or Crime Stoppers at 903.793.STOP.

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