BCSO Arrests Two for Posession of Marijuana


Two bowie county women were arrested Saturday for poession of marijuana after Bowie County Sheriff’s Office investigated multiple complaints of drug activity.

According to Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Cheif Deputy Jeff Neal on April 18, 2015 at 10:08 pm Sergeant Chris Allison, Deputy Nick Moses and Deputy Kenny McMillen went to a residence in the 4400 block of Trexler Road to investigate multiple complaints of drug activity.

There the deputies made contact with the owner of the home in question Robert Braley and informed him why they were there. Mr. Braley told Sergeant Allison that he, his wife and his two daughters Leann Braley who is 49 years of age and Deanna Evans who is 47 years of age all live in the home. Mr. Braley went on to acknowledge he was aware that his daughter occasionally smokes marijuana and granted the deputies consent to search his home.

According to Neal Mr. Braley informed the deputies that Deanna was not home, but Leann was in her bedroom. Mr. Braley then called for Leann to come meet with the deputies on the porch of the home. Leann admitted to using marijuana daily and granted the deputies consent to search her room. Leann told the deputies she wanted to be cooperative with their investigation and agreed to show them where she kept her marijuana.

According to Neal Sergeant Allison recovered a plastic container with 16 bags of marijuana inside and two glass jars containing marijuana from Leann’s room. Leann was arrested for Possession of Marijuana Over Four Ounces and Under Five Pounds. She was transported to the Bi-State jail where her bond was later set at $15,000.00 by Judge Nancy Talley.

According to Neal once Deanna returned home Deputy Moses asked for consent to search her room which she granted. In Deanna’s room Deputy Moses located a glass jar containing marijuana, a glass jar containing partially burnt marijuana cigarettes and marijuana paraphernalia. Deanna was arrested for Possession of Marijuana Under Two Ounces. She was booked into the Bi-State Jail and her bond has been set at $3,000.00 by Judge Nancy Talley.

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