Get Hooked On The Pier: Pier 27 Grand Re-Opening This Friday


In 1984, Pier 27, in Doddridge, opened its doors to the public. For over 37 years, it was a staple for the Texarkana community, filled with memories, perfect food, and a friendly atmosphere. It has been six years since Pier 27 closed its doors. After its closing in 2015, it has sat frozen in time. Now, local residents Jon Mark and Angie McAdams, have taken over the management of the restaurant, and are ready to serve the community once again beginning this Friday, July 30th. “We are completely nervous and excited to reopen. We know we will be in no short supply of support from our friends and family, but we are eager to see how everyone else will respond to Pier 27 coming back,” says Angie. 

“It’s been about 6-7 months since we made the decision to take over Pier 27, and we have been under the wing of former owner Jerry Sewell ever since. He has directed us, and even taken us back into the kitchen to learn the original recipes that Pier 27 was famous for,” says Jon Mark. “The food will stay the same, and we will continue to use the recipes for which they were famous. The fish, the beans and gumbo, steak, fries and hushpuppies will all be on the menu as well,” says Angie.

Customers can enjoy this seating area that overlooks the backwaters of the river.

Jon Mark and Angie have been a part of our local community throughout their lives. “Angie has the passion for it,” says husband Jon Mark. “I love being in the kitchen and cooking. It’s a part of who I am, and even my sons, Tyler, Jacob, Braden, and Garyson know my love for cooking. This has always been a dream of mine to one day own my own restaurant, and we are almost there,” says Angie. The McAddams plan to run the restaurant for a while before purchasing it in a few years. “In the next few years we plan to make some changes to the land by cutting down some trees, and cleaning up the area, so that restaurant goers can see clearly to the river. Eventually we hope to build a wrap around outdoor seating area for a different kind of Pier 27 experience,” says Jon Mark. 

“I remember when I was 16, when I was able to first start coming to Pier 27. I would come here and eat with friends. I would bring Angie on dates here. It was back in the day when this was one of the only great places to go in our area. It was a staple. Everyone I talk to about the reopening is excited. They all have memories of eating here in the past with family members and friends. For some, those people aren’t here anymore, and being able to come back and relive those memories is going to be special to watch and experience when we reopen this week,” says Jon Mark. From the atmosphere to the decorations, almost nothing has changed within the restaurant, allowing community members to relive their own memories, while also making new ones. 

Pier 27 has kept the historical pictures of Texarkana on the walls throughout the restaurant.

“We want our customers to have the setting of being out on the river, while having that gateway experience that you had 30 years ago in the same restaurant,” says Jon Mark. “The thing that sets this place apart are the memories that people have shared here in the past,” says Angie. “We are just excited to be able to do this for our family, and for the community. Bringing something back to life is special, and we cannot wait to have our community come back through our doors this week,” says Angie. 

Patrons can expect to taste the original recipes of Pier 27, and to pay a reasonable date night price. “We will have a beer license sometime in August, and for now we will only be open two days a week: Friday and Saturday. We are both still working full-time jobs, and eventually Angie will work here full-time. Until then,we are expecting to be packed with wait time both nights of the week we are open,” says Jon Mark. One of the ways customers can keep up with wait times, and information regarding the restaurant opening, is to go to the Pier 27 Facebook page. “The plan is to go live throughout the night so that we can keep the community informed about wait times, how the night is going, and much more. Social media has been a great tool for us to use throughout the reopening process, because the support from our community has been felt and seen,” says Jon Mark. 

Inside Pier 27

Pier 27 is located at 16095 State Hwy 237, Doddridge, AR 71834. After crossing the river it is the first turn on the right. Pier 27 will be open Friday, 5:00pm-9:30pm, and Saturday, 4:pm-9:30pm. For information on wait times you can check their Facebook page, or call 870-691-3096. The restaurant is on a first come, first serve policy.

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