Texarkana Regional Airport is Ready for Additional Flights as the Holidays Approach


Texarkana Regional Airport has been operating on a limited flight schedule with reduced capacity since March. Six months later, the TRA is ready to fill additional flights while maintaining the current Coronavirus restrictions.

According to airport officials, TRA’s two daily flights are at capacity with social distancing protocols in place. Additional flights are expected for December, in time for the holiday travel season.

The TRA accepted 6.2M in FAA grants to continue ongoing projects. 1.8M will go toward the completion of the new terminal, and 4.4M is marked to help with phase II of the North-End Taxiway project.

Due to a freak lightning strike last month, parking lot revenue was down considerably. The “rotating beacon” was seriously damaged and had to be ordered from Canada. Due to customs restrictions, the part was delayed. Additionally, some folks considered free parking an opportunity to good to pass up and went about their business when not prompted to pay. Executive Director of Aviation Pual Mehrlich said he ordered an additional replacement parking system, “just in case.”

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