Deputy involved with deadly shooting is back on patrol


texasrangersCASS COUNTY, Texas – Cass County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnny Bailey, who shot and killed Charles Alver Jones, Jr., 33, on July 27, was released yesterday by the sheriff’s department to go back on duty.

Deputy Baily was attempting to serve two felony warrants on Jones when the shooting took place. The warrants were for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and for a felony assault of a family household member – impeding breath, which is a felony three.

Jones was a resident of Bloomburg, but both of the warrants were out of west Texas. The shooting took place in a wooded pasture off County Road 4915 just south of Bloomburg, Texas. Bloomburg is near Queen City, Texas, and Doddridge, Ark.

“We felt it was time for him to go back to work. Most police departments have policies in place for when a shooting takes place. The DPS (Department of Public Safety) has three days. We did the week off, and we felt – Sheriff Larry Rowe felt – that it was time,” said Chief Deputy Roy L. Barker.

The Texas Rangers are still investigation the shooting, which is standard procedure if an officer kills a person.

“It’s always better to get a different opinion,” Barker explained. “It’s better to get an independent viewpoint.”

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