Hempstead or Nevada County Residents Offered FREE Class with “U Can @ Hope” Scholarship Program


uahopeHOPE, AR – Have you always wanted to improve your accounting or business skills? “U Can” take that 3 hour class for free this spring.

Are you interested in experiencing first-hand the exciting Health Professions Field? “U Can @ Hope” will allow you to enroll today and be a part of this growing profession.

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce the “U Can @ Hope” Fall Scholarship is expanding into Nevada County. This pilot scholarship program is as easy as one, two, three. Hempstead or Nevada County residents can enroll for 1 semester (the fall of 2014) if they have not been in school for 2 or more years to take 3 credit hours for FREE (that is one class FREE) at UACCH.

“U can” go back to college and this scholarship is your opportunity to begin your journey. Maybe you have some college but didn’t finish a degree or maybe you went straight into the workforce and are ready to change careers; “U can @ Hope.” The UACCH faculty and staff are ready to help you succeed.
“Our scholarship recipients have a track record of success, which is why I am excited to offer the “U Can @ Hope” scholarship for individuals who have been out of school for two or more years. This scholarship program is the perfect opportunity for us to say, to so many in Hempstead or Nevada County residents, that “U Can” be a part of the UACCH campus this fall, and “U Can” start your journey to a brighter future right now,” said Chancellor Chris Thomason.

The “U Can @ Hope” Scholarship is a limited time offer; so don’t pass up this opportunity to begin your new career or finish a degree you’ve already started. UACCH is enrolling students today; stop and call Leigh Ann Quillin at 870-722-8228 to enroll in a free class today.

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