Pleasant Grove High School Journalism Wins Top Publication Awards at State ILPC Convention


The Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) released their 2020-2021 spring awards on May 8, 2021. The Edge newspaper editors Delaynie Keeney, Delia Tuttlebee, and Alex Norton were named 2021 Student Leaders of the Year. The Hawk yearbook was one of six publications in Texas to receive a Gold Star, and The Edge newspaper was one of five publications in Texas to earn a Gold Star. The Gold Star is the top publications award given by the ILPC in Texas. In addition, the Pleasant Grove High School Journalism Department won seven Tops in Texas awards and over 50 4A individual awards. Please see the full list of awards received by the Pleasant Grove High School Journalism Department below. The Hawk Yearbook and The Edge newspaper are advised by Charla Harris. PGTV and film are taught by Colton Mullins. 

2021 Student Leader Awards 

Print Newspaper Editor of the Year – Delaynie Keeney, Delia Tuttlebee and Alex Norton Newspaper Gold Star – The Edge 

Yearbook Gold Star – The Hawk 

Broadcast Bronze Star – PGTV 

2021 Yearbook Distinguished Merit – The Hawk 

2021 Newspaper Distinguished Merit – The Edge 

2021 Broadcast Distinguished Merit – PGTV 

Tops in Texas 

Feature Writing – Gillian Knowles 

Sports Page/Spread Design – Sarah Johnson, Delia Tuttlebee 

Page One Newspaper Design – Delaynie Keeney 

Sports Feature Photo – Emma Beck 

Headlines – Staff 

Index – Mikki Pope 

Academic Spread – Campbell Jackson

4A Yearbook Individual Awards 2019-2020 Yearbook 

Theme Section & Development – Kathryn Davis, Rachel Hemphill, Presley Hargrove, Olivia Rochelle, 1st Captions – Pleasant Grove Staff, Honorable Mention 

People Section Spread – Hailee Partin, Kyla Prinsen, 2nd 

Club/Organization Spread – Isabelle Hackleman, Audrey Fricks, 2nd, Tori Scoggins, Landry Trammell, Honorable Mention 

Student Life Feature Story – Katie Ferguson, Lexi Snyder, 3rd 

Academic Feature Story – Caroline Maynard, Honorable Mention 

Sports Feature Story – Presley Hargrove, Olivia Rochelle, Rachel Hemphill, Kathryn Davis, 2nd Club/Organization Feature Story -Caroline Joyce, 2nd 

Academic Photo – Kathryn Davis, 2nd 

Club/Organization Photo – Selena Lam, 1st 

Portrait Photo – Jasmine Thomas, Honorable Mention 

Ad Design – Gracie McDougal, 1st 

Index Spread – Mikki Pope, 1st 

Feature Spread – Mikki Pope, Honorable Mention 

Sports Spread – Kendall Johnson, 2nd 

Academic Spread – Campbell Jackson, 1st, Caroline Maynard & Ashley Hernandez, Honorable Mention Personality Profile Story – Rachel Hemphill, Honorable Mention 

4A Current Year Yearbook 

Feature Spread – Tori Scoggins, Katie Ferguson, 1st 

Student Life-Focused Spread – Mollie Hemphill, Katie Ferguson, 2nd 

Sports-Focused Spread – Lexi Snyder, Katie Ferguson, 1st 

Academics-Focused Spread – Lauren Carroll, Hailey Epps, Katie Ferguson, 1st 

Club/Organization Spread – Hailee Partin, Katie Ferguson, 2nd 

Blended Coverage Spread – Isabelle Hackleman, Macy Wright, Katie Ferguson, 1st Photo Portfolio – Emma Beck, 1st, Savannah Hoehn, 2nd 

4A Newspaper Individual Awards 

News Writing – Delaynie Keeney, Honorable Mention 

News Feature – Gillian Knowles, Sarah Hale, Delia Tuttlebee, Honorable Mention, Cadence Pov & Gillian Knowles, Honorable Mention 

Editorial Writing – Delia Tuttlebee, 2nd & Honorable Mention 

Sports News Story – Spencer Richardson, 2nd & Honorable Mention 

Sports Feature Story – Sarah Johnson, Honorable Mention 

Feature Writing – Gillian Knowles, 1st, Alex Norton, Honorable Mention 

Entertainment Feature – Spencer Richardson, 1st, Delaynie Keeney, 3rd 

Photo Story – Delia Tuttlebee, 2nd, Nathan Hutcheson, Spencer Richardson, 3rd Personal Column – Nistha Neupane, 1st, Emma Boemke, Honorable Mention 

In Depth News/Feature Package – Nistha Neupane, Honorable Mention 

Student Art – Delia Tuttlebee, Honorable Mention

Infographic/Sidebar – Delaynie Keeney, Honorable Mention, Spencer Richardson, Honorable Mention Cartoon – Noah Rayburn, Honorable Mention 

Sports Page/Spread Design – Sarah Johnson, Delia Tuttlebee, 1st, Alex Norton, Honorable Mention Feature Page/Spread Design – Delaynie Keeney, 3rd, Cadence Pov, Honorable Mention Entertainment Page/Spread Design – Delaynie Keeney, 2nd, Delia Tuttlebee, 3rd News Page/Spread Design – Delaynie Keeney, 1st, Delia Tuttlebee & Haylie Akin, Honorable Mention Editorial Page/Spread Design – Delia Tuttlebee, Alex Norton, 2nd 

Page One Newspaper Design – Delaynie Keeney, 1st 

Page One News Magazine Design – Delia Tuttlebee, 1st 

General News Photo – Jacob Jones, 3rd, Savannah Hoehn, Honorable Mention Feature Photo – Abby Jenkins, 2nd, Tori Scoggins, 3rd 

Sports Action Photo – Emma Beck, 1st, Easton Jones, 3rd 

Sports Feature Photo – Emma Beck, 1st, Abby Jenkins, 3rd 

Portrait Photo – Savannah Hoehn, 1st 

Headlines – Staff, 1st 

4A Online Newspaper Individual Awards 

News Writing – Sarah Hale, Honorable Mention 

Feature Writing – Gillian Knowles, 2nd 

Personal Column – Gillian Knowles, 3rd 

4A Broadcast Individual Awards 

Promotion/Commercial/PSA – Alex Murphy, Olivia Kirk, Grayson Taylor, & Noah Neal, 1st

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