Exceed: Making Local Healthcare Easier!


Do you struggle to get into your primary physician when you’re sick? Do you have a compromised immune system and constantly find yourself in need of care? Do you struggle with medical bills because of high deductibles? Exceed Health Clinic has the solution for you!

Family Nurse Practitioner Dixie Robinson, APRN-C, and her team at Exceed Health Clinic are following a new healthcare model called Direct Primary Care (or DPC) that puts patients needs for exceptional healthcare, FIRST! Exceed has carefully crafted their very own membership model designed to put YOU first, not your insurance company. With services that allow members same day appointments, no-deductible or no copays, and discounts on other services. Members experience Direct Primary Care, without insurance interfering in their healthcare.

Direct Primary Care is a primary practice model where the patient pays the medical clinic or provider for their medical care, instead of going through insurance companies. Essentially, you skip the middle-man (insurance with all their rules) and are able to get what you want, instead of what you’re “allowed” for your care. By forming a membership with Exceed, not only do you get access to healthcare now, you’ll be able to form a strong relationship with a provider who will actually listen to you, support you, and help find solutions for you.

Exceed Health Clinic offers several Monthly Membership plans, designed to fit you and(or) your family’s needs.

Unlimited Visits Only: $60 a month OR $600
Office visit covered! Even if you have to go in more than once a month!

Individual Plans: $110 a month OR $1,000 a year
For those 18 years old and up! Unlimited Visits, Weight Loss Management Appointments,
Routine Labs (for patients on blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine, or diabetic
medications), Basic Annual Screenings, 2 chest x-rays, 1 EKG, Urines (as indicated), even a
Women’s Visit, and more!

Kids Plan: $50 a month OR $500 a year
For little ones aged 2-17. 12 Visits a year, a Physical (for school etc), Well Child Check Up, and a COVID test a year!

Family Plan, 2 Adults and 2 Kids (2-17): $320 a month or $3,200 a year
Adults get the Individual Plan package, while the kids get the Kids Plan package! (Just $25 for each additional kids!)

For more information about Exceed Health Clinic, and their Membership program, you can visit them at www.exceedhealthclinic.com, on Facebook @ExceedDPC, or give them a call at  903-306-0001. TODAY!

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