Foreign exchange student removed from sex offender’s home

TAPD detectives on scene removing student from house

UPDATE – Eitel has been arrested for a parole violation and is currently in Miller County Jail. Read More

At approximately 3:00 p.m. today Texarkana Arkansas Police Detectives assisted with the removal of a 16-year-old female foreign exchange student living in the home of Ronald Eitel.

Texarkana Arkansas Police put out an alert about Eitel who is a level 4 sex offender living in Texarkana, Arkansas Thursday morning

According to TAPD Public Information Officer Kristi Bennett, “it has been determined that this female student has resided with Eitel since early August 2015.”

TAPD detectives removing the student’s belongings from the house.

According to Texarkana, Arkansas Police Public Information Officer Kristi Bennett, Eitel’s wife, who applied using another name and as a single parent, made application for the exchange student and was accepted following their placement protocol.

Both agencies simultaneously learned of Eitel residing in the home with the parent and exchange student just prior to removal of the student.

The placement agency is working with TAPD. TAPD is currently investigating any possible state or federal criminal charges that either Eitel or his wife may have committed.

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