From Work-Out to Take-Out: Gyms Offer Healthy Meals

Clean Eatz at Legends Gym & Health Club

Health clubs nationwide are stepping up their nutrition offerings to help members get in shape by offering healthy and convenient pre-packaged meals to their members. The trend reflects the growing focus on food as an important part of a healthy workout, and Texarkana gyms are providing these convenient services to their members.

The Sportsplex by Healthcare Express can offer their members healthy pre-packaged meals directly from their facility. The first floor of the Sportsplex is home to Heat It Up, a locally owned healthy meal prep business that has become a favorite within the community. Heat It Up offers various options to both members and non-members that include protein smoothies, healthy snacks, pre-packaged lunches, dinners, and even desserts.

While Sportsplex members have the added advantage of having Heat It Up located only a few feet from where they work out, other gyms in the area offer ordering services for their members who wish to enjoy the healthy dishes. Ben Wharry, the owner of BMW Fitness Studio, said that even though they cannot store food in their facility at this time, they can, however, offer members the option to place an order with them to be picked up the following week.

Heat It Up pre-packaged dinners.

Whitni Allen, owner of Heat It Up, said that even though they are located in two gyms, the Sportsplex by Healthcare Express in Texarkana and Fitness 1440 in Longview, Tx, they are open to the public, and everybody is welcome. “For pre-orders on custom meals, we ask that orders be in by Thursday for the following Sunday pick up, and we also have refrigerators that are just stocked for just walk-ins, so people can just walk in and grab whatever we have that’s already ready and made and we change our menu every week,” she added.

Clean Eatz at Legends Gym & Health Club
Clean Eatz menu at Legends Gym & Health Club

Legends Gym & Health Club is also offering healthy food options to their members. In addition to their pre and post-workout smoothie blends, the gym also offers fresh, frozen meals called Clean Eatz. Clean Eatz boxes are healthy, grab-and-go frozen meals that can be heated up in the microwave in about 3-4 minutes. The healthy line of food comes in various options such as Chicken Carbonara, Meatball Marinara, and Keto Chipotle Chicken. The line also includes breakfast options such as Steak and Eggs and Egg Bytes with French Toast Streusel, according to Marsha Dailey, the owner. Members and Non-members can either pick up their meals in the drive-through or come inside. “We have been running out of them pretty quick because people buy one, and then they come back, and they end up buying a bunch at a time because they taste so good,” said Krista Henry, employee.

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