Texarkana, Arkansas Board of Directors Holds First Meeting of the Year, Swears in New Members


Texarkana, Arkansas held their first Board of Directors meeting of the year on Monday, January 4.

New members, Terry Roberts from Ward 1, Jeff Hart from Ward 6 and Laney Harris from Ward 2 were all sworn in and took their oaths of office to begin their four-year terms. The board also voted unanimously to elect director Steven Hollibush as assistant mayor of Texarkana, Arkansas.

The new board began by approving to adopt an ordinance for the purchase of five WatchGuard Camera System VISTA HD Wi-Fi and 4RE System Bundles to be used in Texarkana Arkansas Police Department patrol units and by officers interacting with the public, costing over $43,000.

According to TAPD Capt. James Atchley, the camera systems will automatically turn on when patrol car emergency lights are activated. Videos taken by the cameras are stored for 90 days unless they are used for criminal investigations.

Additionally, the Board also voted to approve a purchase of five 2021 Ford Explorers (Hybrid Model) for use as patrol units for the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department for a cost of over $176,000.

The meeting was the first in-person meeting the Board has had following months of virtual meetings due to COVID-19. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19.

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