Funding Over Nix Drainage Study is a Point of Contention at the Arkansas City Council Meeting


On Monday, August 2nd the Board of Directors for Texarkana, Arkansas met to discuss several issues in our community, including an update on the Nix Creek Drainage Study presented by Public Works Director Tyler Richards.

Tyler Richards spoke to the Board in regards to the Nix Creek Drainage Study that has been conducted over the last few weeks. According to the studies findings, which will be finalized soon, there are several issues of concern including bank erosion and large sediment deposits. The study included two major areas: Nix Creek, and the scope of the work is going to be at the Recreation Center and go all the way to Arkansas Blvd. The study and the cost for the project will not include other areas in the city which was an issue of concern for Council Member Harris. Citing the $7 million dollar relief fund, Harris argued that the council could pay for all of the work in the City to be done.

Harris noted that community members and friends from other areas have come forward asking for help. However, Mayor Brown was quick to note that the relief fund hasn’t been allocated yet, and will probably not be allocated for this. While there is clearly tension and different views on how expansive the project should be, the study that was conducted will provide relief for the Nix Creek area and around the Recreation Center which were the two largest issues and contributors to the drainage issue in the City of Texarkana, Arkansas. Mayor Brown noted that if all of the areas could be fixed it would be beneficial, but it just isn’t the scope of the possibility. Citing that the City has to budget for the study that was done and make changes from the conclusions of that study. Harris noted that it’s important for members in the community, wherever they may live, to come forward to meetings and cite their concerns so that changes can be made.

Tyler Richards explained that the study will be finalized in the coming days, and once it is finalized, a bid will be made for contractors in our area. However, the price for contractors will differ between what they can and cannot do. The project will clean up the areas and provide permanent fixes to the erosion and sediment build-up.

City Planner Mary Beck met with the board to Adopt an Ordinance to revise the text and Boundaries of the Entertainment District downtown. Beck noted that after the decision was made to create an Entertainment District they intended to go back and talk with community members and Police in the area to see if anything needed to be changed. Tonight she asked the City to adopt an Ordinance to add several other areas that were not previously included. Some of those areas included some businesses that were left out of the original boundary, as well as the area Southside of Park Street where several festivals take place. The City Council adopted the ordinance at the end of the meeting.

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