Holiday Shopping Reminder: All Kohl’s Stores Take Amazon Returns


This year especially, returns of online orders are going to face challenges. Shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are straining under the weight of the unexpected ecommerce boom coupled with the holiday shopping season.

Consumers around the country have been doing most of their shopping online this year, and with the holiday season coming to an end, returning online orders could be challenging. Fortunately, Kohl’s is continuing to accept Amazon return orders at all of its stores.

The department store chain said last year that it will accept Amazon returns at every location. According to the Kohl’s press release, the customer can simply visit a Kohl’s store and bring in an item without a box or label, and the department store will box it up and ship it back to Amazon for free.

To begin this return, start at Amazon’s Online Return Center to designate a drop-off at a Kohl’s location of your choice. Amazon will email you a QR code, which you will show to the Kohl’s associate. Kohl’s will take care of the rest of the return process for you including packing, labeling and shipping your return for free.

Visit Kohl’s website for more information or to begin the return process.

A sales Associate at Kohl’s in Texarkana said guests can head to the bedding department to make their Amazon returns. She also added that masks are recommended, but not required to enter the store.

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