Hometown Texarkana Author Cassandra Speer Co-Writes Amazon Best Seller


Cassandra Speer, a graduate of Pleasant Grove High School and a women’s ministry leader co-wrote one of Amazon’s top selling books titled: Her True Worth. The book, published just a few weeks ago, has reached several chart toppers on Amazon including Christian Discipleship, Personal Growth & Christianity and Women’s Christian Living! Cassandra co-wrote Her True Worth with her ministry Co-Leader, Brittany Maher, and has been reaching women all over the world with their message.

Cassandra, who also goes by Cass, didn’t grow up in a Christian household. She came to know the Lord when she was 19, and married her hometown sweetheart Dan Speer. “Dan was on active duty in the military, and we moved A LOT, but even as a teen I knew I wanted to be a part of a ministry. As a woman, it’s incredibly hard to be in ministry, but when you have a deep passion for theology, but don’t go to seminary, it’s kind of hard to get into ministry. However, I am so glad that myself and other women around the world are changing that narrative. Women are training other women in the ministry to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. When I set out, I had no idea what I would end up doing, or where I was going to land. I just trusted in God’s plan for myself. Honestly, I didn’t even set out to help run such a huge ministry such as the one I am now,” said Cass.

“Her True Worth is a ministry with the sole purpose of trying to help women find their worth and identity in Christ alone. We talk to and reach thousands and millions of women who are feeling lost and broken, and we remind them that their worth is freely given, and is not dependent on anyone else except the Lord. Throughout our book we try to help guide our readers to find their worth and identity in Christ,” said Cass.

“Brittany and I lead a ministry together online and in our Church for women around the world and locally who want to help find their purpose and identity as a woman of Christ. Brittany founded her True Worth in 2015, and I joined her in 2018 as a writer. At that time, when I first started writing for her, we were reaching 130-140 thousand women. Since 2018 we have grown into a community of over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and we reach about 5 million people per post that we make,” said Cass.

“At one point we really realized how limited we were on social media. We can only do and say so much in a caption, and it is really hard to capture a huge topic such as worth and identity in just a few characters. So we sat down and started to tackle how we can really talk about the identity and worth of women in Christ, and we came up with our first book proposal for: Her True Worth,” said Cass. “It was not a quick process, in fact we signed with our agent in 2019, signed our contract for the book in 2020, and published Her True Worth on July 5th, 2022. It’s been a couple of years in the process, but it’s been a dream come true to see women around the world resonating with the words that we wrote, and with the stories that we shared throughout the book,” said Cass.

Cassandra and Brittany are within the finishing stages of their second book and are eager to share it with the ever growing community of women they continue to reach. Their book Her True Worth can be found on almost every book selling platform including: Amazon, Target, Walmart online, almost anywhere books are sold. “My hope for our readers is that the moment they finish the last page, they will realize that God isn’t done with them, and that they will feel the urge to pick up their Bible and reconnect. Our measure of success is when the women we are reaching begin seeking Christ while knowing that they aren’t alone,” said Cass.

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