Introducing Noel Gilley: New Board President for Red Lick PTCO


The Red Lick Parent Teacher and Community Organization (PTCO) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Noel Gilley as the new Board President, taking the reins to lead our incredible team into a year of exciting adventures and community support.

Noel Gilley, a bona fide superstar in our tight-knit Red Lick community, is no stranger to the Red Lick Independent School District. As a proud alumni, she bleeds Red Lick colors, and her dedication to the school district has been unparalleled. With her family deeply rooted in the community as lifelong residents, Noel’s heart beats to the rhythm of Red Lick.

It’s not just Noel who embodies the Red Lick spirit, but her entire family too! Her husband, a Red Lick volunteer firefighter and city councilman, is always ready to lend a hand, whether it’s dousing fires or making community decisions. And let’s not forget their two incredible sons, who proudly walk the halls of Red Lick ISD as students. It’s a family affair, and the Gilleys are the heartbeat of Red Lick.

Angela Evans, the outgoing Board President, couldn’t be more excited about Noel’s new role. “Noel was a strong team member and helped make several projects a success,” said Angela. “We could not be happier that she is taking this role. With Noel’s leadership and enthusiasm, the Red Lick PTCO is set for an extraordinary year ahead.”

As the new Board President, Noel Gilley has exciting plans to create a vibrant and engaging community network that will benefit students, parents, and the entire Red Lick district. From fun-filled fundraisers to electrifying events, the PTCO under Noel’s guidance promises to be a beacon of support and camaraderie for everyone involved.

Please join us in welcoming Noel Gilley as the new Board President of the Red Lick PTCO. Together, we will continue to nurture the Red Lick spirit and forge an even stronger bond between our school, parents, and the Red Lick community.

About Red Lick PTCO: The Red Lick Parent Teacher and Community Organization (PTCO) is a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and community members who come together to support the Red Lick Independent School District. Their mission is to foster a sense of community and provide resources to enhance the educational experience of all Red Lick ISD students.

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