Joint Operations Center- Media Update 1-11-22


Confirmed COVID cases are on the rise in Bowie County, Texas, with the state of Texas reporting 1,155 current active cases in Bowie County according to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Local Health Authority Dr. Matt Young, Bowie County Judge Bobby Howell and Mayor Bob Bruggeman remind the public to take proper precautions to maintain health amidst a sharp spike in cases.

“While the new variant seems to be less severe for most people, and for now is causing less hospitalizations, it also seems to be much more contagious and easily transmissible than we’ve seen in the past,” Dr. Young said. “Please, do what you can to stay safe.”

Officials are asking the residents of the Texarkana area to take note in the rise of cases to help maintain the capacity of the local healthcare system.

“We are working hard to maintain options for testing and keep the infusion center open here in our community,” Judge Howell said, “but the infusion center, and testing centers both have limited capacity. It’s important that we let the community know we’re seeing an increase in positivity rates and it’s time to take all precautions possible.”

Mayor Bob Bruggeman reminds the public that testing is available by calling your primary care physician, local pharmacies and clinics, and the Texarkana-Bowie County Family Health Center at 902 W. 12th Street in Texarkana, Texas.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, hand-washing and social distancing are important. Masks should be worn when social distancing is not possible, and if symptoms are present or if an individual tests positive, they should avoid contact with others.

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