Judy and Dave Phillips Arts & Humanities Endowed Scholarship Established at UAHT

Pictured left to right: Chris Thomason, UAHT Chancellor; Judy Phillips; Dave Phillips

Judy and Dave Phillips, of Emmett, Arkansas, recently established the Judy and Dave Phillips Arts & Humanities Endowed Scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana. The donation is given in honor of Judy Phillips for her perseverance in completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Art. Preference for the scholarship is given to a student focusing on a profession in Arts, Humanities, or Education.

Due to Dave’s career in the Air Force, the couple moved from city to city almost every two years. “It took Judy almost thirty years to complete her bachelor’s degree because we weren’t in one place for very long. But she remained diligent in her goal and finally finished what she started,” said Dave.

Dave and Judy are longtime supporters of the UAHT Foundation. This endowment marks the fourth endowment they have established at the college. “We use savings and a pay as you go method to save the money for all of our scholarships,” said Dave. “We created a savings account with an automatic draft set to pay into the account, that way money was set aside on payday automatically, and we never missed it. As the account builds over time, we use some of the savings to fund scholarships. We think of establishing scholarships as an investment in life. The scholarships help improve the lives of others through education and, in turn, those people help improve the community we live in.”

“It’s the steadfast efforts of people like Judy and Dave that make it possible for so many others to achieve their educational dreams,” said Anna Powell, Executive Director of the UAHT Foundation. “This is the fourth endowed scholarship they’ve established through their diligence of putting back a little into savings each month. Over time, their efforts of putting back a little have paid off big in helping students afford their education.”

For more information about UAHT scholarships, please call 870-722-8516 or visit uaht.edu.


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