Literacy Council Earns Two Top Awards in Arkansas


Each year the Adult Learning Alliance (ALA) presents six awards to outstanding  adult learning programs in Arkansas, and this year, the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties has  earned two of the six awards. Leaders from ALA presented those awards—Innovative Project of the Year and  Student of the Year—today at its annual conference, which was held for a virtual audience.  

The Innovative Project of the Year was awarded for a program developed by Myesha Holmes Thomas, a student intern for the Literacy Council who is completing a Master’s degree in Social Work at  Texas A&M University—Texarkana. For this project, she initiated a partnership with the Arkansas  Department of Human Services to help serve local families. The Student of the Year was awarded to Denise  Anderson, a Literacy Council student who has worked hard to gain literacy skills, and at 56-years-old, she  read her first book in December.  

Executive Director Jenny Walker said the awards are a result of strong partnerships, caring  volunteers, and dedicated students who have worked to push forward the mission of the Literacy Council.  “Our success is a direct reflection of the wonderful people we have supporting our work,” Walker  said. “Without our community, our doors would be closed right now. Not only are our doors open, but we  are excited to be a leader in the region for adult learning.” 

For more information on the ALA awards or the work that the Literacy Council does to support  education, please contact Walker at (903) 255-7733 or via email at  

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