Police warn of level 4 sex offender living in Texarkana


UPDATE – A 16 year old foreign exchange student has been removed from Eitel’s home after she alerted authorities after seeing the alert. Read more.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police would like to inform all residents of a level 4 Sex Offender who moved to Texarkana, Arkansas recently.

Ronald Eitel, 55, currently resides at 303 East 23rd Street. Eitel was charged in 1982 with 12 counts of rape and convicted of 4 counts. Upon conviction Eitel received two 20 year sentences and two 60 year sentences that were run consecutively, which meant he was to spend the better part of his life in prison, that was until his sentences were recently overturned and was released from the Texas Department of Corrections. Ronald Eitel was assessed and assigned the designated risk as Level 4, which is defined as a sexually violent predator with a very high risk to reoffend, by the State of Arkansas.

According to Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901 et. seq, known as the Arkansas Sex and Child Offender Registration Act; A Level 4 offender is; individuals with impaired judgment or control who have sexual or violent compulsions that they lack the ability to control. This may be due to pedophilia or other disorders of sexual attraction, mental illness or personality disorder that distorts thinking or otherwise interferes with behavioral control.

In order to determine an offender’s risk of “re-offense”, the law enforcement guidelines include a risk assessment scale that reviews the seriousness of the offender’s crime, his offense history, and other personal and social characteristics of the offender. Point values are assigned to the factors and total points accumulated on the scale determine the offender’s risk level. The assessment process is not intended to determine the actual probability of any one offender committing another crime, but to provide the basis for a rational method of notification to the public. Law enforcement will assess the offender and will notify the schools in their area of an offender who is Level II, Level III, or Level IV and is likely to prey on school-age children. Law enforcement maintains the discretion to determine who in the community will be notified. For example, if the offender is Level II whose targets are elementary-school-aged children; law enforcement may only notify the elementary schools in the area and not the secondary schools.


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