Rescission of Precautionary Boil Notice



October 12, 2023

To: Customers/Residents of the city of Genoa on the Miller County Public
Water Authority system.
The October 10, 2023 “Precautionary Boil Water Notice” is hereby
rescinded. This order was issued as a precautionary measure because of
the possibility that contaminated water may have entered the distribution
system as a result of a loss in normal system pressure due to pump failure
at the Pump Station at 4220 Tennessee Road. An adequate disinfectant
level has been established throughout the distribution system and the
satisfactory completion of the bacteriological survey shows that the water is
safe to drink.
If you have any questions you may contact Rick Barton or Chris Cagle,
Texarkana Water Utilities at (903) 798 3850. If you cannot reach the
number above, you may call (903) 277 0859 or (501) 288 5195 at any time.
Rick Barton
Water Production Manager
Texarkana Water Utilities

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