Premier High School: The Alternative Solution for Any Student

Campus Director Bria McCartney
Classrooms and alternative seating options at Premier High School

Premier High School opened their doors in 2016 to the Texarkana community and have been helping all types of students achieve their diploma goals since. Their mission: “To provide hope for students through a caring mastery-based, blended learning educational option that promotes a free society and cultivates moral and academic excellence.” Typically, when communities hear of an alternative school, the first assumption is that the students who take advantage of these programs are those who are really struggling. However, Premier High School isn’t just an alternative to big schools in the Texarkana area. In fact, students on the fast track to college, or those who are taking dual enrollment courses make-up a majority of the population of students enrolled at Premier High School.

“One of the big misconceptions is that we are a place where the bad kids go. That simply isn’t true. When students enroll at Premier, it is typically because they are searching for an educational environment that is completely different than what is being offered locally,” said Campus Director Bria McCartney. “A lot of students who are here, are those who have experienced bullying, anxiety, or are those who just don’t fit into the traditional school. We are able to help our students who are in need of credit recovery to receive everything they need to move forward with their diploma. We also service students who are struggling in the traditional school system to be successful, but also help those who are interested in receiving their diplomas early. So far this school year, we have had 12 students earn their diplomas and it’s only January,” said Bria.

Bike-Desk, another alternative seating option for students

“We are incredibly proud of ourselves for the program that we are able to run for our local students. Over the last five years we have increased our graduation numbers steadily each school year, and last year we had 19 students graduate. We are proud of ourselves because one of the nice things that we can do for our students when they finish their coursework, even if it is early, is submit all of the paperwork for them so they receive their traditional diploma. We also have a 100% college admission success rate. Through our program, we encourage and help every student apply to college. For many students this is something they never thought possible. We provide our students with the education and information to further their educational experience through some of the partnerships we have with local colleges such as Texarkana College,” said Bria.

For many students, the idea of college or furthering their education may seem impossible, but through Premier High School every student learns that they are fully capable of achieving their college dreams, but also affording it as well. “All of our students learn how to apply for scholarships or student loans. Something that we have seen is that a lot of our students never thought it was a possibility to further their education. We also have programs through Premier that allow our students who are interested in trade degrees or certificate programs the opportunity to complete those courses through our local colleges, and our programs at Premier help pay for those programs and certificates for our students,” said Bria.

Classroom Pets

Currently, Premier High School has 140 students enrolled in the program. Every student has the option of coming to school either in the morning or afternoon session. All coursework is done online and through physical textbooks and coursework. Teachers are located on campus to help students work together or independently to achieve their goals, and are there to explain coursework when students find themselves struggling. Each classroom has alternative seating for students such as couches, lounge chairs and more to accommodate for the needs of all students. Classrooms are also equipped with state of the art technology such as 3D printers, classroom pets, brand new libraries, and more to help encourage students to be successful.

“Sometimes our students just need a way to be successful without the stressors of a big school environment. We have had students who are at the top of their class turn to us for help in receiving their diplomas because they are simply burnt out from the big school system. We aren’t just a place for students to turn when they have no other option. We truly provide an education for our students, with a supportive environment, opportunities for dual enrollment, and a close knit environment, allowing our students to be successful for their future endeavors,” said Bria.

If you believe Premier High School may be a great option for you or your students, please visit The Premier High School website to apply online. Once you apply, Premier works with your current school to ensure that Premier will be a great fit. “We try not to exclude any students from the opportunity of attending here. For a lot of students, they are searching for someone who believes in them, and by attending Premier, we provide all students with a clean slate so they can be successful and move forward with their future goals and aspirations,” said Bria.

Premier High School is located at 3448 Summerhill Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503.

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