TASD Accepting Enrollment/Transfers to New Schools Opening 2021-2022


On Monday, April 19, the Texarkana Arkansas School District will begin accepting enrollment and transfers to the three new schools opening at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.  

North Heights Community School (NHCS) will allow students to experience their own student-led government. Students will become real-world problem solvers as they employ Project Based Learning (PBL) units specific to what they are currently seeking to improve in the world around them. Additionally, NHCS will operate an accelerated learning model.  

Harmony Leadership Academy (HLA) will nurture an appreciation for the art and science of artistic expression. In collaboration with the Leader in Me program, students will engaged  and challenged to create art and music through multiple media formats. HLA will  elevate the capacity of children to express themselves positively, enable them to be  heard and celebrated, and encourage them to celebrate and support one another.  

Digital Learning Academy (DLA) will encompass every school in the Texarkana  Arkansas School District. Students in kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to  apply to be in the Digital Learning Academy. Students in the DLA will continue to  be assigned to their home campuses and have access to extra-curricular activities and  athletics on those respective campuses. However, the DLA will provide instruction  through a virtual model.  

For more information about enrolling or to find out more about these new learning  opportunities, visit our website at www.TASD7.net or call (870) 772-3371.  

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