Red Cross Reopens Shelter as Garland evacuates due to levee problem


TEXARKANA, TX, June 4, 2015 — The American Red Cross has reopened a shelter for any residents needing a safe place to stay as the Miller County Office of Emergency Management evacuates Garland, Arkansas due to a potential problem with the levee.

According to Terry Purvis with Miller County Emergency Management, “We have a levy that could breach at anytime. We have evacuated Garland as a precautionary measure. This is a very dangerous situation and took this step to insure the safety of all that lives in Garland. Crews are on the levee now try to save the levee. Thing are happening fast and ill post updates later. For now Garland is evacuated till it is safe for them the return.”

The Shelter is located at Beech Street Baptist Church — 601 Beech Street, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854. The Red Cross will supply daily meals, snacks and water and provide cots and blankets.


Shelter locations and driving directions to these shelters can be found on the Red Cross Emergency App under MAPS, and, on the Red Cross Tornado app under SHELTER. The app can be downloaded for free for iPhone, pads and Android phones.


The Red Cross has established a hotline at 1-877-500-8645. Information will also be posted to the Red Cross Facebook page at.


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