Restoration of Hope: Expansion and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Today, several members of the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce, along with local business members and community supporters gathered together to celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony on Restoration of Hope’s newest expansion. Restoration of Hope, which began four years ago with Danny Stone and his mother Judy’s support, has been working diligently within the Texarkana community to help support mens reintegration into society, by providing faith based classes, opportunities for jobs, shelter and so much more.

Restoration of Hope is not a rehab facility, rather its programs work with men coming back into the community using faith as a foundation for beginning their new life. ROH (Restoration of Hope), uses a 90 day program where they work with men focusing on growing their faith in Jesus, while also providing them with opportunities to learn, find work, remain sober, and finding a strong foundation back in society. Regardless of their 90 day program, the men who go through their programs continue to feel support through the members and graduates of the program long after their 90 days is over. “We are a family now,” says Danny Stone, Founder of Restoration of Hope.

During today’s events, several members from local businesses, as well as Mayor Bob Bruggeman, Texarkana Chamber President and it’s members, and community members gathered inside their new building, a church, now named Hope Chapel, that Restoration of Hope was able to acquire six months ago through hard work, dedication and community support. “In this building, we are working towards opening 24 new beds for our program men. This building is still being worked on, we are working with local businesses and are also doing the work in house with our own construction and restoration team of men who have gone through or are going through our program. We are continuing to grow thanks to the Kingdom of God. I started this program, 4 years ago, just by myself in a house on Hazel Street with no water, and one other man. We have prayed, worked hard, and have been able to grow thanks to community support, prayer, and each other,” said Danny.

“We still have a long way to go in achieving our goals. It’s at the point where we can no longer do things just on our own and we need our community’s support to help us provide opportunities for jobs for our men. We hope that local businesses see this need, and can work with us to continue to provide and reunify these men back into society. Our success has been in large part due to the incredible things our communities have provided whether it be jobs, health and dental care, donations and more. Our goal is to continue to provide these services for these and future men, by showing them the way in our Lord Jesus, and having them commit to restoring themselves. We believe in taking a mess and turning it into a message, and we can’t thank our local community enough for everything we’ve been able to accomplish,” said Danny.

If you are interested in learning more about Restoration of Hope, and how you can become involved you can visit their website HERE.

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