Silver Star Smokehouse & Saloon Opens For Business


February 4, 2015 | Silver Star Smokehouse & Saloon opened yesterday. “We wanted to ease into it and by the weekend we think we will be rolling. We expect to go through hundreds of pounds of meat this week,” stated Alvis.

“This new location in Texarkana is my seventh restaurant. We have had a variety of restaurants. This location is the fourth of this Silver Star concept,” stated Alvis.

Alvis took steps to make sure the opening went smoothly. “I brought in managers and staff from Bossier City to help out with the transition,” stated Alvis.

In addition to the Bossier City staff, Alvis hired 42 staff members from Texarkana – 30 in the front and 12 new staff members in the back.

“We are a barbecue and steak restaurant. Our menu is not real big, but everything on it is awesome. The hamburgers are made from the steak trimmings,” stated Alvis.

“We give you hot towels after your meal just in case need to clean your hands from the ribs,” stated Alvis.

Alvis hopes that the experience is not just about the food. Alvis treats every employee like family, believing  that not only is it important to hire the right people, but to take care of them as well. He believes that relationships are vital to success and operates under the premise of providing, real, hands-on, great customer service, and great food,” stated Alvis.

“A friend of mine told me many years ago, if you are not spending time with your customers or employees, you are wasting your time,” stated Alvis.

In addition to the food, he emphasizes a family owned and operated restaurant. “There are not any beer signs in the family part of the restaurant. There are some in the bar. You just don’t see them out here,” stated Alvis.

Alvis was not really looking to open a new restaurant in a new city, but the opening of I-49 helped solidify his decision. “I-49 is the most effortless drive ever. You just put it on cruise. It took me 53 minutes to get here,” stated Alvis.

He also offers private parties. “The Longhorn Room is setup for private parties for up to 24 people. AV equipment is included there for business meetings. In the back room, 1/3 can be sectioned off for a party,” stated Alvis.

“We started construction around the first of September after we bought the business. We worked 10-15 hours for 6-7 days a week ever since. I basically gutted the place and also took out some walls,” stated Alvis.


In 1997,  two friends loaned Alvis money to open up a restaurant. After the first year of operation, Alvin paid one back in full, but had a different arrangement with the other friend. After two years, Alvin would pay the rest off. Instead, the friend charged Alvin only interest the money would have drawn from the bank, and as for the rest, he said, “The only thing you owe me is someday when you have worked hard and are successful, help someone.

It is this notion that AlviS strives for everyday. Alvis gets up everyday trying to help someone. A friend of mine Alvis’ said that he thought Alvis was in the restaurant business. We did not know you were in the car repair business, tuition business. medical bills. That is what it is all about – helping people.

The new location in Texarkana is Alvis’ seventh restaurant. He has had a variety of restaurants. The Texarkana  location is the fourth of Silver Star concept.

Alvis started his first restaurant in Shreveport. He then moved to a location in Bossier City that set about 100 people. In June 2011, he moved it to a larger location setting on 12 acres that holds 500 people. The Texarkana location seats 300 people. In the meantime, he started an upscale steakhouse called Silver Star Steakhouse, which is in Bossier City as well. He also owns a catfish restaurant in Haughton, Louisiana called Kelly’s Place. He also has a catering facility in Bossier called “The Venue”. He has another restaurant in Blanchard that he is affiliated with called “Out in the Boondocks”. His latest restaurant is the Silver Star Now we are in Texarkana.

Alvis also owns a catering company. “We are the largest catering in North Louisiana. Our largest catering event each year is for WIllis Knighton, which is 9000 people,” stated Alvis.

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