T.L.L. Temple Foundation Provides $280,000 Grant for Opportunities, Inc. Social Enterprise Transition


The mission of Opportunities, Inc. is to provide developmental and support services, which empower individuals in attaining a full life in the community. While the organization’s mission remains constant and relevant, “a full life in the community” looks different than it did 50 years ago. Adults with disabilities have the same aspirations and dreams as their peers, including the ability to work and support themselves, to learn to live independently, and to participate as a contributing member of society.

Only 15% of 4.9 million developmentally disabled adults are employed. Supportive work programs for people with disabilities have historically included menial tasks in segregated work environments for less than minimum wage.

The social enterprise model is an alternative work option for adults with developmental disabilities that involves forming small-scale businesses that not only create new revenue streams, but also employ individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Opportunities, Inc. is grateful for the grant provided by the T.L.L. Temple Foundation that will allow the organization to transition from the sheltered workshop employment model to the enterprise model.

Over the next few years, three enterprises will be formed: Business services, Creative Arts, and Horticulture. Opportunities, Inc. is excited to begin this transition, because it will provide meaningful work for the clients while producing retail products and services that convey the mission of Opportunities, Inc. to the community. Once again, thank you to the T.L.L. Temple Foundation for providing this “opportunity” to “Opportunities.”

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