TAPD Selects Officer Allen Johnson as Officer of the Quarter


tapdofcThe Texarkana Arkansas Police Department announced that the Officer of the 4th Quarter of 2014 is Officer Allen Johnson.

On Tuesday, November 25th Officer Johnson was traveling home from work near Central Mall when he heard on the police radio that a TTPD Officer was in need of assistance with a shoplifting suspect.  Upon hearing the radio traffic, Officer Johnson observed the TTPD Officer struggling to gain control of a suspect in the parking lot.  The suspect was violently resisting and fighting the TTPD Officer.  Officer Johnson immediately went to assist the TTPD Officer and was able to gain control of the suspect and place him into handcuffs without any further incident.  During the suspects’ resistance with the TTPD Officer, she sustained injuries requiring medical attention.

Officer Johnsons conduct is commended.  His dedication to his profession and to his brothers and sisters in blue, prevented a possibly life threatening situation for a fellow officer.  Officer Johnson’s conduct is keeping with the highest traditions of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and sets a sterling example for others.


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