TC Students Show Off Extravagent Hair + Outfits at Fashion Show [Video]


November 18, 2014 | On November 17, 2014, Texarkana College hosted its Fifth Annual Sheer Madness Fashion in the Great Ballroom at the Truman Arnold Center. The show consisted of three portions: the mannequin competition, the Sheer Madness Fashion Show sponsored by BJaxx on College, and the Avant Garde Competition. Franklin Poff was the emcee and provided the color commentary for the event.

“We saw 24 creative and beautiful young ladies dressed from Ursula to the Golden Lady. Before that, we saw other models that came out with everyday attire from BJaxx. They were all just outstanding,” stated Poff.

Emcee - Frank Poff
Emcee – Frank Poff

The mannequin entries were displayed at the entrance where attendees were able to vote for their favorite mannequin. The winners were announced at the end of the show.


The Sheer Madness Fashion Show, sponsored by BJaxx on College Drive, consisted of models wearing attire from BJaxx, and hair and makeup styled by Brandon Dix and Heather Beck.

The main event, the Avant Garde Competition, featured all of the extravagant outfits and hairstyles from 24 design teams.

“It was so much talent. It was cool to see the young talent be so inspired and come up with such elaborate outfits. We were really impressed by what we saw today.” stated Taylor Barr, one of the five event judges.

Even though the attendees only saw the models, each team consisted of about four members. Each of the team’s costumes can be viewed below:

(scroll over each image to view the team name)

The competition allowed the students a creative outlet. “When you are in a shop, you are doing every day hair. This is something really exciting that you don’t get to do everyday. This really allows these students to show their talent and their creativity and what they can do.”

Even though the judges scored each individual team, it was hard for the judges to finalize the winners. “The voting process was intense. We did have a tie that we had to deliberate and eventually pick a winner. It was very hard. We broke it down to what this show was really about. It is a hair show. We kept our final decision based on the hair,” stated Barr.

Five ladies from the region judged the Avant Garde Competition.

Judges: Natalie Smith, Taylor Barr, Jo Ann Rice, Suzie Tyler, and Kelli O'Neal
Judges: Natalie Smith, Taylor Barr, Jo Ann Rice, Suzie Tyler, and Kelli O’Neal


The video of the awards ceremony shows all the girls strutting down the runway and the announcement of all the winners:


  • Third Place: #14 – Stylist Uncut
  • Second Place: #9 – Pretty Tough
  • First Place: #8 – Crystal Gale’s Peacock

Avant Garde

People’s Choice Award: #6 School Days

School Days
School Days

Third Place: #13 – Mad As A Hatter

Mad As A Hatter
Mad As A Hatter

Second Place: #15 Golden Girls

Golden Girls
Golden Girls

First Place: #13 – Detangled


The Grand Ballroom was standing room only.

Photos courtesy of Texarkana College.

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