Texarkana Airport Authority Meeting 6/23/22


At today’s meeting of the Texarkana Airport Authority, the board discussed progress on the new terminal, Raydome relocation, Houston flight numbers, and preparation for an FAA inspection.

Executive Director of Aviation Paul Mehrlich stated that the north taxiway construction is 100% complete and the new terminal building is expected to receive a particular laminate that has been causing a holding up by next month. To help with apron work the FAA may allow aspects of each phase to be repositioned to lower costs and help stay on time.

Photo by Stephen Parker – TxkToday

An agreement for donating the Raydome has been drafted and the terms are currently being reviewed by the Ohio Aviation Museum. Airport officials would like to ensure that if and when the museum’s administrators inspect by disassembling they will remove the Raydome from the airport whether they display it or not. If an accord is reached then the agreement will be presented to the two cities for deliberation.

Fights to Houston are steadily increasing through the summer months with passenger counts near the 60% threshold United Airlines desires. Airport officials are anticipating brisk fall ticket sales for the Houston flight.

Next month is the annual certification inspection with the FAA. Airport officials are confident that inspectors will identify something that needs to be fixed within a 90-day period. Paint is a popular problem pointed out periodically. Last year the runway was touched-up ahead of inspections, but this year due to the high cost of paint and painters officials will wait to hear back from the FAA before greenlighting proactive protocols. Mehrlich mentioned that to just do the “touchdown markings is $20,000.”

The next TAA board meeting is on July 28th. These meetings are open to the public with comments upon commencement.

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