Loose slot machines — what are they and how to find them?


At the heart of every game is a random number generator (RNG). This makes the game unpredictable. When you spin the reels of a slot machine, the RNG generates a random numerical combination, which is then converted into game symbols on your screen. The same principle works in any other online casino games: cards, table games, lotteries. Still, there is an approach that will help you win more at the slots.

Loose slot machines are those that generally pay out more money to players on average, not those that at some point are willing to give out more winnings than usual.

Incorrect notion of loose slots

It is mistakenly believed that slot machines can be ripe for winning. Therefore, in land-based casinos, some players even look out for those slots that for a long time did not pay out decent money. Then they sit down for them in the hope that the generous time has come.

But it’s not. Ten, twenty, fifty and even a hundred spins mean nothing. If at this time any winning combination did not fall, the slot can still long to give losing spins or bestow the player a series of wins. It all depends on the occasion.

Some online casinos additionally mislead players by confirming their wrong notion of giving slot machines. They, according to some principles, then mark some slots and others as hot, suggesting that the slot is ready for the issuance of winnings.

Where to find loose slots?

In fact, any player can find out for themselves which slot machine gives more, and which less. This is done simply, based on the RTP slot. RTP from 97% — a slot machine giving, 95-96% — the average, from 94% and below — low payout. So, find out RTP and you will know what slots are more profitable to play.

Many developers publish the RTP of their slots. So you can easily get this information. But to make it more convenient, you can find information about all slot machines on the websites of some of the best iPad casinos. Operator VideoSlots is out of competition. In their section Payouts he publishes the official and real RTP of all slots available on the site.

Moreover, you can sort by the highest or lowest payouts. For example, the most giving slot machines are just three slots on the site VideoSlots: Mega Joker, Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula. All of them pay 99%. And the most profitable are the three professional single-deck blackjack series (low, standard and high limits). They offer a 99.8% RTP.

However, the most lucrative ones are often not the most exciting. Take at least the three most generous slots at VideoSlots. They are all simple, unremarkable slots. Mega Joker is a slot with three reels and five lines. No spectacular graphics or exciting bonus features. While Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula look more modern, they are far from today’s standards for graphics and bonuses.

The role of RTP in slot machines

RTP is a very important aspect of slot machines. Slots with a relatively high RTP of 97% are not really very profitable. After all, if $10,000 is invested in such a slot machine, users will get back only $9,700 and the casino will successfully put $300 in its coffers. Thus getting a predetermined advantage of 3%.

But there is a small but significant nuance. Percentage return on the slot could not be the main criterion for its profitability. The paradox is that the generosity of the slot machine does not depend on RTP. Because the advantage of the casino is calculated from the amount of turnover of all customers, and the amount that can win a particular player is not subject to calculation.

In other words, investing $100 in the slot with an RTP of 93% should not necessarily mean that at the end of the game session the return will be $93. Some will lose the entire deposit, some will get a small winnings — on average, the payback of the machine will remain at a fixed level. But it is impossible to predict which of the players will be in the black.

Does it mean that there is no special difference between RTP of 90, 93 and 99? No. The smaller the casino advantage in a particular slot, the more profitable this slot for each player.

Wagering bonuses

The most popular slots are often excluded from the list of available games when wagering bonuses. This is due to the fact that players can gain an advantage if they take advantage of bonuses and can wager them on games with high returns. Therefore, read the bonus rules carefully. There you will surely find a restriction on the games.

The approach of the operator VideoSlots can also be applied. Players are offered to play any slots. But the higher the RTP, the less percentage of the wager will count towards the wagering. Bets on games with 95% RTP give 125% to wagering, 97% give 75%. And then minus 0.25% contribution for each additional 0.01% of the payoff. For example, betting on games with 98% will give only 50%. And bets on games with a payoff of 99% will give only 25%.

If you want to find sites with the best RTP in slot machines, try BestAuCasinosOnline.


There are a lot of myths about loose slots, and they are not justified. Casino games are based on chance, so there’s no way of knowing what’s going to happen after a series of wins and losses. It is possible that the series will continue for a long time, or it may break right away. Millions of dollars in progressive jackpots can be reversed the day after a win. Or for years no one can hit the jackpot.

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