Texarkana Resources Gearing Up For Annual Draw-Down and Expansion!


Texarkana Resources is hosting their annual Draw-Down Fundraiser this year on September 7th, and will be held at Ramage Farms here in Texarkana! Texarkana Resources opened over 50 years ago and is dedicated to servicing individuals in our local community with disabilities. Their work has continued and expanded allowing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live independently, learn job skills and receive working wages and so much more. The donations brought in from the Annual Draw-Down event help support their numerous programs designed to support those with disabilities who utilize their services.

“There is currently a significant influx of individuals with disabilities in our area who are seeking services. We are desperate to help meet that demand, and with the donations of our community we can continue to provide care for individuals with disabilities in our area, as well as expand to help morel” says Jennifer Lewis, CEO of Texarkana Resources.

“We are continuing to look for funding to help support our community. We are currently building a 5,000 square foot building where we will be able to provide our clients with: an art, music and sensory room. A dedicated room for our older clients. We will also have a new supportive employment room that will provide a computer lab with equipment necessary to help those practice job searching skills, resume building and so much more. Our new building will provide us with an opportunity to provide even more than what we can do now, which will help lead our clients to more independence and growth in the future,” says Jennifer.

Previous Draw-Down Event Held by Texarkana Resources

“These programs, rooms, buildings and growth that we are trying to provide for our clients is due in large part to our donors here in the Texarkana Area. We are dedicated to serving those with disabilities and want to be able to provide them with life changing services that help them grow as individuals and independently. We are currently servicing 80 individuals through our numerous programs. With our expansion we will be able to serve more, and hope that with the monetary support of our community we will be able to double the amount of people that we are able to serve,” says Jennifer.

Texarkana Resources is a completely non-profit organization that relies solely on grants, donations and government funded support. The Annual Draw-Down event this year will be held at Ramage Farms here in the Texarkana area. Ramage Farms has donated their event space to Texarkana Resources for the event. Tickets are $100 and include dinner, drinks, and a chance to with a 5K prize! Several local businesses have donated baskets of goods and services for the event, where donors can bid on! All proceeds from the event will go towards the monies needed to continue the various programs provided by Texarkana Resources.

“We have raised 10K for the event but are hoping to raise another 15-20K so that we can continue to pour into our programs. With our new space, we are hoping to purchase items for our new classrooms. All of our donations are going straight towards impacting the individuals who receive services here at Texarkana Resources. This year we lost some of our necessary funding due to changing regulations in Texas. Even with these changes and loss of funds, we have continued to provide services to those whose funding was lost, making our budget a little bit tighter. But we are determined to ensure all of our clients continue to receive services. We never want to turn anyone away, which is why our annual event is so important to us,” says Jennifer.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this years Draw-Down for Texarkana Resources tickets can be purchased by calling 870-774-9675 ext 106. For information on how to donate to Texarkana Resources please click HERE.

Texarkana Resources would like to thank their top sponsors including:
Gourd Sponsors – $2,000
Patterson-Troike Foundation

Pumpkin Sponsors – $1,000
Texar Federal Credit Union
Lippian Family Dentistry
Wisdom Animal Clinic
Empower Healthcare Solutions
Genesis PrimeCare

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