Texarkana Self-Defense Classes: Helping Local Women Feel Safe in Their Community


Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC, founded by Laking Harris, is at it again in the Texarkana community with a new initiative of self-defense classes for women and children. “We want to empower women in an all inclusive environment by teaching them skills necessary for survival, in any type of negative situation they may find themselves in,” says Harris. Harris, an 8 year Marine Corp vet is using his training skills to further empower women and children around the area to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in any situation they may find themselves in.

“We take a different approach to safety for women. Where most would see lots of martial arts techniques and learn basic skill levels for self-defense we try to take a whole situation approach to learning self-defense. We do this in three parts. 1) We introduce the violence that may occur in a safe environment to avoid triggers or emotional reactions. By doing this we teach participants how to remain calm in violent situations, so that if in the future they are in a dangerous situation they are calm and naturally prepared for any outcome. 2) We teach escalation of force and use of deadly force. We teach our participants how to react to violence in a way that allows them to handle situations with confidence and with different levels of force. Lastly, we teach deescalation techniques. Through our training we provide our participants with the skills necessary to de-escalate situations that have the potential to become violent. These tools are useful to ensure safety for both participants and possible aggressor,” says Harris.

Harris from Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC, recognizes that women in the Texarkana area frequently avoid specific areas in Texarkana, and understands that safety in situations is vital. In the past Harris, and other members have held free self-defense classes at the Washington Center off Marietta Street. Harris is now offering private and group classes around the Texarkana area for all women and children for a small fee.

“We want to ensure that women feel safe in the environment where they learn these self-defense skills, which is why we are now offering private classes for groups of women in their homes or businesses for $10/person. We are also partnering with several businesses in the area including TXK Yoga to host large classes for others interested in learning these self-defense skills. We will be hosting several classes in the coming months, and are trying to find ways to include childcare into these lessons so that parents can come, learn, and feel secure,” said Harris.

If you are interested in hiring Harris or taking a self-defense class follow Texarkana Women Self-Defense on Facebook for information on their upcoming classes HERE. To hire Laking for a small group lesson or one-on-one skills you can also go to the website createall.org, call 9094411768, or email contact@createall.org or lharris@createall.org.

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