Texas High’s Game-Changer: Dual Credit Program Empowers Students with College Credentials Before Graduation


Texas High School’s Dual Credit Program allows rising junior and senior high school students to enroll in college-level courses for credit before graduation. Most courses are taught at Texas High School during the regular school day by high school faculty who have earned adjunct instructor status at Texarkana College. Credits earned through dual credit are to be applied to a student’s high school graduation requirements and, in most cases, transferred to other colleges and universities.

“The dual credit and advanced placement opportunities at Texas High elevated our daughter’s educational experience, preparing her for the academic rigors of college. As she was applying to various colleges her senior year, the credit hours she already attained strengthened her application, getting her into honors programs, and qualified her for more substantial scholarships. After finishing her first semester at Baylor, she was classified as a junior by credit hours. She was well prepared for education at the next level and we highly recommend any family taking advantage of such educational opportunities at TISD,” says THS parent, Kelly Bixler.

Over 800 Texas High students are enrolled in dual credit courses this semester. THS leads the area in the number of courses, with about 130 course selections. Texas students can earn college credit in all four core areas (English, math, science, and social studies), as well as in a wide variety of other areas including fine arts, languages other than English, agriculture, architecture, business, information technology, health sciences, and many more. Eighteen students are on track to graduate with associate degrees and high school diplomas in May 2024.


The state of Texas, Texarkana College, and Texas High have made these courses more accessible to all students. While a typical DC class costs $123 per course, any student who qualifies for free or reduced lunch receives a Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) scholarship and free DC tuition. Also, students who complete at least 15 Dual Credit hours will save an average of $3700 in college tuition later in their educational careers. Dual Credit courses give Texas High students first-hand exposure to college-level work and a chance to earn an associate’s degree while still in high school.

THS Associate Principal Bettie Stark says, “The advantages of dual credit are greatly reduced cost in tuition and the support of familiar high school teachers teaching the classes. Research demonstrates that students who take dual credit in high school are more likely to go on to college and complete an associate or bachelor’s degree. In fact, Texas High has had over 70 students complete an associate degree while still in high school.”

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