Video shot by Texarkana resident on vacation goes viral | MrJasonmx3

A video shot this weekend by a Texarkana resident on vacation in Florida went viral today.

The video shot by Jason Neely, owner of Neeley’s Towing in Texarkana, at the Pensacola Beach Air Show this weekend has had over 1.3 million views.

In the video a Blue Angels F/A-18 makes a very low pass along the beach which sends  tents, umbrellas and canopies flying into the air.

Jason told TXK Today that the moment he watched the video he knew it was going to be a sensation.

“He pulled up right in our proximity which caused the wake turbulence,” said Jason. “The downward vortices caused the tents and umbrellas to be launched into the air.”

The video has been featured by news outlets around the globe including Reddit, Mashable, People,, TV New Zealand, The Blaze, and The Daily Mail.

“The jet was no more than 60 feet away,” said Jason. “It was absolutely incredible and I wanted to share this experience with everyone.”

Jason also added “It’s amazing what America has done as a country. The fact that we have companies that design and build these aircraft and have incredible men and women pilots to push them to their limits.”

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