Your World in a Cup is Waiting at Urban Tea Town


If you are looking for a charming, culturally engaging, and aesthetically stylistic Tea House, are you in luck!  Urban Tea Town is here to soothe the soul and engage the mind with gourmet tea, coffee, tasty treats, and original art.

A former college professor at Texas A&M Texarkana, Rebecca Martindale Leighton is taking a new direction with her life. Her passion today is Tea, Coffee, Literature, and Art.

After about twenty years in academics, she had some life-altering events which shifted Rebecca’s priorities. “I’ll always be an educator, but now I’m in a mode where I want to get to know people, I want to talk to people and know their names and what they want to drink when they walk in the door.”

Urban Tea Town is Located at 1201 Arkansas Blvd. Rebecca’s respite is now your destination for fine hot beverage sipping. They offer 50 loose leaf teas and coffee that is Roasted in Mena Arkansas by Ouachita Roasting Company. They import bagels from New York and treats from around the state of Arkansas.

“I’m trying to create an environment here where people just want to sit down and stay awhile. This is not a Starbucks where everybody is going to be rushed,” Rebecca added.

One will notice an abundance of fantastic art within. Such as Steam Punks, made with ink and tea; a Pop-Art door created by local artists; landscapes by Dean Lynn; work from Joseph Raymond a local gallery owner; and a featured art wall that this month highlights Emily Newsom.

Get your sip on from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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