John Carrol Hoy


In the early morning hours of Friday, March 22, 2024, JOHNNY CARROL HOY, 79, of Texarkana, Arkansas (and of a caliber not still found outside the faded borders of a simpler time, not to mention the post-70s deep South) did just what you all knew he might—realized everything was in its place, as he effortlessly intended, and took his final steps in a long line of triumphs, hard decisions, Texas Rangers baseball, hunting seasons, unsung I-Told-You-So’s, tax seasons, extension seasons, IRS forms, college bowling, and whatever feats of true love and selflessness he carefully placed along the way for his son and progeny, Jay Thomas Hoy, 47, of Texarkana, Arkansas.

Every tear shed that day for him was accompanied by a swell and rise of the cheeks; a few followed by a breathless sigh; and not one that came to bid him “so long” thought he could’ve done one thing less, better, more, sooner, or different.

Born in Monticello, Arkansas on September 27, 1944, to Patrick Cleburn and Jewel Deal Hoy and raised alongside his one sister Kathleen “Sissy” Crain of Little Rock, Arkansas, Johnny graduated High School in Crossett, AR in 1962 before going on to study Accounting at Henderson State University (an industry he would go on to perfect). After walking around the first room-sized computers in Colorado during his Air Force career, teaching programming and countless other topics to his airmen.

After leaving the Air Force in 1970, he became the first of his most iconic roles, Certified Public Accountant. After establishing himself at firms such as Grier Reeves & Lawley, Johnny met Brad Young, and Young & Hoy, CPAs est. 1975 can still be found today at 201 College Drive under the name Young, Hoy & Burnett. Johnny served on numerous boards and committees in Texarkana, and he was a visible, reliable, welcome attendee to particular haunts across the map of the ArkLa-Tex.

He is survived by one Son, Jay Thomas Hoy, of Texarkana, AR; one Sister, Kathleen “Sissy” Crain of Little Rock, AR; two nieces, Lisa Paden of Little Rock, AR, and Jana Crain of San Francisco, CA; two nephews, Jason Crain of Sheridan, AR, and John Kyle Crain of Washington, D.C.

He also survived by a thriving business reputation at 201 College Drive, and countless other friends, neighbors, family, and people who wished they knew him better now.

Never was a man more prepared and never did one leave such a quiet and lasting legacy. Look for Johnny’s reminders and let him assure you that more will always be revealed, and “It’s all about the Love.”

A memorial service for John will be held Friday, March 29, 2024, at 3:00 P.M. at Elk’s Lodge, Texarkana, Arkansas.

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