10 Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

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Your home’s bathroom is a big selling point when potential buyers visit the property. They’re looking for appropriate updates that add aesthetic value and functionality. An old or worn-down bathroom can quickly sink a possible sale. Explore the top 10 ways to update your bathroom without breaking the bank. There are plenty of affordable options.

1. Focus on Hardware

A focus of any bathroom is the hardware on the cabinetry and walls. They’re often overlooked as aesthetic pieces. Swap them out for a more modern look. It usually takes only a few screws and a screwdriver to change out these accessories. The task might be a simple one, but it changes the bathroom’s appearance by leaps and bounds. 

Be sure to match all of the hardware together between the towel racks and cabinetry handles. Mixing and matching the styles won’t add value to the space.

2. Paint the Walls

Discover a whole new look to your bathroom by painting the walls. The majority of bathrooms have white walls as a neutral starting point. Think about any bold colors that might spice up your bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas. Light greens and blues might be your chosen style, for example. You can always select another shade of white or beige to keep the update as simple as possible. The fresh paint itself can breathe new life into an older residence.

3. Improve the Vanity

The vanity is usually a combination of a cabinet and sink. To give this item an update, simply refresh the paint on the cabinetry. Bold colors, such as blue, can make this item stand out from the rest of the space, reports Better Homes & Gardens

If the sink has seen better days, consider a small investment in a new vanity. It can have an integrated sink with a cabinet for a low cost. Buying this vanity style will certainly add quality to your budget-bathroom project.

4. Swap Out the Fixtures

Items that can certainly date a bathroom include the fixtures, such as faucets or hot-and-cold taps. For this update, select a reputable plumber who offers fair pricing. You can purchase the parts on your own and pay the plumber for the labor as a separate charge. The labor will be worth the amount because this update might take only a few hours, but it truly enhances the bathroom’s appearance. It’s possible to give an older sink a brand-new look with just the fixtures swapped out.

5. Caulk and Grout Where Necessary

Tiny details mean a lot when you’re upgrading the bathroom, which includes transition points. Caulk between the floor and tub and grout between the wall tiles can all break down over time. It even becomes discolored. Purchase caulk and its applicator, and define these transitions once again, don’t forget to grout the tiles too. These details shine brightly when you’re finished. The floor and wall tiles may be original, but they look newer with fresh caulk and grout defining their edges.

6. Consider the Toilet

Toilets aren’t permanent fixtures in the home. They should be updated every 15 to 25 years. Changing the entire toilet can be a DIY project or offered up to a professional. When a household deals with a lot of clogging issues with one bathroom, replacing the entire part makes sense. If you’re pleased with your current toilet, think about updating the seat and internal components. The seat wears down faster than any other part. Couple this update with new parts for the tank, which will give it a satisfying flush during every visit. 

7. Accent With Tile

If you want a bit of a challenge, try a DIY tile job on one wall of the bathroom. Tiles come in many sizes, styles and colors. Visit a home-improvement store to see the various styles. Adding tiles to the wall will definitely update the space without too much monetary commitment. The tiled area can be one wall or even part of a wall. Sketch out the bathroom with your tile design. Many materials have basic, peel-and-stick backings to make the project a quick one for the weekend.

8. Change the Mirror

Bathroom mirrors can last for decades with very few damages. However, their style can indicate an older bathroom design. Change the mirror in the bathroom to a style that reflects this decade. Round, oval or even square mirrors are popular today. They shouldn’t cover the entire wall either. If you’ve left part of the wall exposed with the new mirror, consider an update to this space too. Wallpaper or fresh paint will give the wall a larger appearance as the new mirror becomes the focal point.

9. Look at the Lights

A bathroom remodel in Houston isn’t complete without swapping out the light fixtures. Only a few wires and screws are between you and a completely new look for the bathroom. Consider fixtures that hold the latest light technology, such as LEDs, suggests Home Depot. An update to energy-conserving lights means that you’ll save money on electricity every month. Potential buyers see this upgrade as a plus too. Choose light fixtures that match your decor for the best update.

10. Try a Bath Fan

The bathroom is constantly fluctuating between dry and moist conditions. Adding or updating the area with a bath fan is a great way to add value. This affordable luxury item draws in moist air during showers and baths, and it expels it through an attached duct. 

If you have an older bath fan, this DIY project is relatively straightforward. Consider a professional’s help if you need to cut into the ceiling and add ducting. In either case, the update is affordable while creating real functionality in a room that’s susceptible to mold and mildew.

These updates are clever because they can be completed as single tasks or combined into group projects. Keep your budget in mind as you create just the right remodel for your home. Potential buyers will see the effort and value as a great accent to their next investment. 

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