5 of the Most Impactful Sports Moments


The world is massively influenced by what happens in sports. Sports teams make and share megabucks with their communities and sports players often take stands on political and worldly issues. These players and teams have a large influence over society making them very powerful.

Throughout history, the world has seen some significant sporting moments that have led to a better and more peaceful world. When political leaders understand and see the value and power of sports, they can use it to work with their people to create a better tomorrow.

5 Moments in Sport That Had Huge Impact

The “Chinese Dream”

China has become a world leader in manufacturing and in building. The large Asian country grew to prominence over the last few decades and is now one of the most powerful and wealthiest countries on earth. Recently President Xi Jinping took this a step further to grow China into a superpower through sports. He established a program to boost the Soccer level in the country to allow China to compete on a global scale. This program will increase the experience and capabilities of soccer players in China. As soccer is one of the most played sports in the world, it can help China with future political relationships.

South and North Korea Play as One Team

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that North Korea and South Korea are not friends. Since the Korean war, which has never officially ended, the countries are not on good terms. However, in 2018 history was made when North Korea and South Korea played as one Ice Hockey team in the Olympics.

Cricket Diplomacy

Another two countries that are not friends are Pakistan and India. Ever since the separation of Pakistan in 1947, there have been bad vibes on religious, political, and other fronts. However, this changed in 2004 when the Indian Cricket Team toured Pakistan. With cricket being such a beloved and widely played sport in the two countries, the tour helped bring them closer to resolution.

George W. Bush Throws the First Pitch

9/11 is a dark day across the world, but specifically in New York where thousands lost their lives in the attacks. In the spirit of hope in a city that was mourning, President George W. Bush threw the first pitch at the 2001 World Series in New York City. While there have been other presidents who have thrown the first pitch, President Bush’s throw is remembered as a symbol of hope and optimism.

The 1995 Rugby World Cup

South Africa is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and people. Apartheid was a dark era in which certain races were restricted and persecuted, however, thankfully,  that all changed when South Africa became a democracy in 1994. Following their move into democracy, South Africa hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Rugby is a big deal in South Africa and is played all across the country. President Nelson Mandela used this sporting event to bring South Africans closer together. It worked well when South Africa won the cup and President Mandela presented the South African captain Francois Pienaar with the trophy. An image that will go down in history.

Muhammad Ali Takes a Stand

In 1967, the famous boxer Muhammad Ali refused to join the military when he was drafted for the Vietnam war. He, along with many others, refused to support this war that was said to be politically driven. In doing so, he was stripped of all his titles and sent to prison. However, in 1971 his conviction was overturned, and he returned to the world of boxing.

Jesse Owens Dominates Hitler’s Olympics

The 1936 Olympic games is one that went down in history. Hitler wanted to show the power of his Aryan race that was superior to all others. This was all part of his Nazi propaganda, but it all failed when Jesse Owens dominated the Olympics. The African-American won four gold medals putting the Germans to shame. Aside from his gold medals he broke multiple Olympic records. This all happened just before World War II.

 No matter which sport you love, we can all agree that sport has a huge influence on the world sbobet. Whether it helps solve conflicts, bring peace, disprove propaganda or bring unity, sport has the ability to change the world. 

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