5 Unusual Hunting Techniques You Need to See to Believe


Do you think hunting is only possible with guns? Think again. Humans have always come up with strange ways to catch their prey. Some are employed on dry ground, while others are on the sea. Others are employed to eradicate pests, while others are utilized to obtain meat. Here are five techniques you might find interesting to try out in Texas.

Trout Tickling

Trout tickling may sound like a euphemism, but it’s an old trick to earn a free supper. Only stealth is needed for this kind of fishing. You come upstream to a trout spot that seems promising. Take a dip in the water. When you sense a trout, touch it on the belly and tickle it tail-to-head to lull it. Squeeze and yank the fish out of the water once you get to the head.

Hunting Rats with Dogs

For such little prey, rat hunting requires a remarkable degree of coordination. According to accounts from the middle of the 19th century, Londoners used terriers and ferrets together to control the monster infestation. The dogs delivered the fatal blow after the ferrets chased the rats out of their burrows. Many of the dog breeds that are now often used as lapdogs were created to hunt pests.

Boar Hunting with a Knife

IF you are interested in hunting for Texas boars – this one’s for you. The method entails tracking the pigs, pursuing them with dogs, and then swooping in for the lethal stab. Wild boars are quite problematic. They are now a serious environmental catastrophe or soon will be so. Some people even use explosives to hunt wild boars.

Bonus Hunting

This is another way of hunting in the world digitized by the internet. To entice new users to register, the majority of gaming sites provide bonuses. Bonus hunting is the practice of taking advantage of these incentives, which typically require spending money, in order to benefit as much as possible from all of the promotions. This tactic, often known as bonus whoring or bonus hunting, has long been used by internet gamblers. Although the basic idea of bonus hunting is actually pretty simple, it does take some time and effort to correctly use this tactic. Over at iGaming NJ, they post articles and guides on how to make the most out of gambling and not succumb to this strategy. You don’t have to hunt for bonuses, you can pick one good site and stick with it.

Octopus Pots

Octopuses are both tasty and very intelligent. Despite having the most sophisticated brain of any invertebrate, they are often captured using a straightforward method. Pots are typically used during octopus fishing. The ships are lowered to the water’s surface and then moored. The octopus enters the pot, believing it has discovered a new residence. The octopus, which seldom ever tries to escape, is dragged up in the pot by the fisherman. The method doesn’t even call for bait. It almost seems too easy.

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