7 Weekend Activities to Do in Texarkana

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As another weekend approaches, we have piled together a guide for those eager to try something new in Texarkana. Why? Because far too many of us forget to appreciate our local surroundings and opt for visiting far-flung places – but why cross state lines when you can have it all right here in Texarkana? With these 7 activities, you get to have thrilling new experiences. 

Whether it’s rainy, cold and clear, or blisteringly hot, there is bound to be something for you on this list, which caters to every taste and season. Pack your bags and get ready. 

1. Hike the Nix Creek trail

Nature is a wonderful thing. It offers us a chance to switch off from our busy everyday lives and recharge our batteries, and with the Nix Creek trail so close to Texarkana, it’s the ideal spot for hikers and bikers alike. The route runs alongside the creek and has beautiful scenery in abundance. 

2. Visit an online casino (for the rainy days)

If it chucks down with rain, then you might give outdoor life a miss for the day. Thankfully there are plenty of indoor activities you might not have done before. So, how about embracing the online world with a visit to a casino? Find the web’s best American casino guide and take advantage of the many bonuses and offers. It’s fun.  

3. Explore Four States Auto Museum

You don’t have to love vintage cars to be blown away by the Four States Auto Museum. With a stunning collection of historic automobiles, it’s hard not to be impressed. What’s more, it’s an activity that usually works for many age groups and many interests. The perfect day out.  

4. Watch a local sports match 

If you are into sport, then you might already be aware of what’s on offer. But have you ever considered getting into a new sport, or perhaps introducing your kids to it? Going to a sports match is sociable and the atmosphere is always a winner. Find all the latest information about Texarkana sport here


Source: Unsplash.com

5. Be cultural at the 1894 Gallery

But Texarkana is not all about cars and sports, it’s also a great one for culture. If you enjoy art or want to give it a try, then you should head to 1894, which is located inside the City Market. Here you find one of the finest collections of Southern art. 

6. Join a ghost tour of the city

Are you into horror and thrills, and do you love a good ghost story? Then you can join Texarkana’s very own ghost and vampire tour. With high rankings on TripAdvisor, it’s one to consider. And if you are thirsty for more afterwards, then you can view CNN’s list of the world’s most haunted places here

7 Get outdoorsy at Millwood Lake

Millwood Lake is located a short drive outside of Texarkana and has everything an outdoor lover could possibly want with fishing, bird watching, and great trails. If the weather is good this is the sort of spot you could spend the whole day exploring.

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