Applauding some of Texarkana’s greatest athletes


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For a relatively small place compared to other parts of the country, Texarkana and its surrounding areas have produced some remarkably talented individuals. From sports stars to musicians, the city in eastern Texas certainly knows how to breed talent.

It’s sports stars where the city has really made a name for itself, though. The usual sports, such as football and baseball, are incredibly popular in these parts. The locals love showing their support for the Texarkana Twins as they continue to get better, but a wide variety of sports are popular throughout the state. The likes of soccer and softball are also played throughout the city and help contribute towards what is an active part of the country.

As a result of the city’s love of sport, we have seen numerous athletes emerge from these parts. So, with that in mind and with sports news fairly sparse at the moment, we thought we’d applaud some of Texarkana’s greatest athletes. Perhaps they’ll help to inspire the next batch of talented youngsters to come from the area.

Ryan Mallett

Partying and gaming can get in the way for young students, be it the likes of Fortnite which are popular today or casino creations like Deal or No Deal at Still, Ryan Mallett – like so many others – was too dedicated to his craft to be distracted. A football player, Mallett played quarterback for the Texas High School Tigers and was immediately earmarked as a future star. What needed to follow was the dedication and professionalism required to succeed in the sport, and Mallett had it. Named the Gatorade Player in Texas 2006, Ryan Mallett is probably best known for his stint with the Razorbacks, where he holds 16 school records. He also went on to play in the NFL, turning out for the likes of the New England Patriots, the Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha and his family moved to Texarkana when he was three years old, which turned out to be an excellent decision judging by their son’s rise since then. After graduating from Pleasant Grove High School, Wacha’s love for baseball failed to wane, so he attended Texas A&M University and made their College World Series team, where he pitched and caught the eye with some highly effective deliveries. Now playing for the New York Mets, Michael Wacha has also had a spell with the St. Louis Cardinals. A winner of the National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award in 2013, Wacha is a talented player all right.


LaMichael James

When it comes to having a successful NFL career and inspiring the next generation, LaMichael James has nailed it. James started his football career at a young age with the Liberty Eylau Leopards, before jumping on board with the Oregon Ducks and becoming a running back for the University of Oregon. From that moment onwards, LaMichael James’ game improved immensely, and NFL teams came calling. He turned out for the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins and was known as a dependable player.

Billy Sims

Billy Sims is a recognizable face from the Texarkana sports scene, largely because of his BBQ business and his big smile, but also due to his achievements on the football field. A former University of Oklahoma student, Sims learned his trade with the Sooners football team, a side that recorded huge success. Eventually, Billy Sims was drafted into the NFL with the Detroit Lions. Sadly, though, the former Heisman Trophy winner had to cut his career short following a nasty knee injury in 1984. Too bad for Billy Sims.

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