Deciphering the True Meaning of ‘Gambling Responsibly’


They’re the two most important words in casino gaming, but they can mean many things depending on the type of bettor you speak to, whether they’re in the UK, the US, or Down Under in Australia.

Good bankroll management and economical bet methods offer a safer approach to playing casino games. A 150 free spins no deposit Australia casino is a good example of how a casino uses free spins to cut costs and advertise their services so that punters can play as frugally as possible.

Bankroll Management – Where to Start & What to Do
Financial literacy is something that has become more of a unicorn in recent times. Many boomers have set ways to spend their money, whether writing down lists, avoiding debt or expensive, unnecessary purchases, or living comfortably within their means.

The following generations have warmed to the idea of credit and pushing the financial boundaries, living more frivolously and throughout a prosperous time. Ultimately, this has redeveloped the economic structure of many Western societies.

Once we weld this attitude together with the exponential rise of mobile gaming and casino gambling, the impetus for responsible gambling becomes the focal point of the brave new world of gambling we have created for ourselves over the last decade.

Time & Money Limits
Casinos are aware of the damage that gambling recklessly can cause. It can lead to a significant personal breakdown, permanently ruining lifelong friendships and family bonds. If you have a problem gambling, you should stop completely. However, if you don’t fall into this minority, you should still implement safe measures to ensure your experience remains enjoyable.

The most impactful way you can do this is by using tools that almost all casinos have – time and money limits. Obviously, depending on your personal situation and how much disposable income you have, this figure varies. So long as you set up reasonable constraints that allow you to spend a little bit of time casino gaming and don’t allow it to creep into your personal life, impacting your mood, finances, or relationships, then you’re using them most effectively.

Knowledge-Based Responsibility
Setting up time and money limits is a great start, but it’s not the only variable that ensures you are gambling responsibly. Casino companies constantly drive home the importance of learning about the games before you play them, but it is the same with any market. Sports betting is no different – you should never bet on a sport you don’t understand or watch often.

It would help if you never placed a bet on a game you don’t understand, whether it’s blackjack, poker, or simpler games like slots. Gambling responsibly means building your knowledge about how they work. While this might seem like an obvious bit of information, due to the volume of casino games and sports betting markets available online, there is a growing number of people betting on games they don’t fully understand. This is a recipe for losing money quickly.

Using the Right Platforms
Casinos that encourage you to set up time and withdrawal limits show they have a culture of responsible gambling. Now, more than ever, many casinos are encouraging people to learn about a game and have landing pages littered with information about the array of casino games. Licensure is essential, too, as responsibility goes both ways.

Yes, the book stops with you as the gambler, but casinos can also receive penalties for not adhering to and protecting their clientele, especially those exhibiting signs of problem gambling. Social media reviews and comments can also be helpful in this quest. If there are any issues with the responsible gambling protocol that the site uses, there will be a mention of it in a review online somewhere. The right platforms will have the following:

  • Evidence of licensure with a reputable commission on their homepage.
  • Strong ties to big casino companies or professional sporting organisations (in sports betting.)
  • Promoting measures for responsible gambling clearly on every page.

Is Gambling Responsibly a Two-Way Street?
As we touched on in the previous section, there is definitely an element of culpability from the casinos, too. There are several that have been found to be in breach of responsible gambling legislation and subsequently faced heavy fines. Proactivity, transaction monitoring, and knowing how to approach and speak to problem customers are all part of responsible gambling.

Businesses have a duty of care to their customers, but this is especially true in gambling, as people can unfortunately develop issues. Any preventative measures that can be implemented to stop them from developing a chronic problem are the most important, and they exemplify the overall attitude a service has toward problem gambling and its customer base.

Can Casinos Do More?
With the emergence of AI technology and more impactful ways to build customer spending profiles, casino companies have an onus to ensure punters remain in control of how they play. Although new technology will give them better access and more effective tools to do it, it can be a delicate balancing act.

Ultimately, there’s no way of knowing how much somebody earns, whether they have other sources of income, or whether they’ve won money on another casino website and are transferring it over. It can be tricky, and there’s the grey area of not hampering customers and stopping them from spending their own money.

Summarising the Meaning of Gambling Responsibly
In summary, gambling responsibly is a fusion of personal and corporate responsibility. Although the emphasis is on the bettor to identify any problems arising from gambling, the casino or sportsbook providing the service should also act as an appropriate second line of defence. There are a handful of crucial points to remember, and we’d say the combination of these factors constitutes the definition of gambling responsibly:

  • Setting up time and deposit limits.
  • Don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Do not see gambling as a source of income.
  • Reach out if it is impacting your mood or relationships.
  • Casinos or sportsbooks that encourage safe gambling practices.
  • Keep it light; don’t allow yourself to become emotional or for it to ruin your day.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and there might be other safety measures you’d implement, too, but if you remember these six key points, you’ll get a firm grasp on what gambling responsibly truly means in a digital age.

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