How May the Texans Fare in the Upcoming NFL Season?

Last season was not the best for the Texans as they went 4-13, and football critics believe their record could be worse. The Houston team has let go of one of their players, Deshaun Watson and head coach David Culley. They’ve welcomed a new head coach Lovie Smith, and with these changes, there’s hope that things will get better. However, teams like the Jaguars need the Texans to improve their defense force. Knowing the groups they’ll be facing this season; the Texans should take the NFL as an opportunity to pull up their socks and get their “heads in the game.” They could beat their own record and move up the ladder if that is done well. If not, then as believed by many, their 2022 NFL record could be worse than last season’s. 

The Texans 2022 NFL Schedule

The Houston Texans are scheduled to face Colts, Broncos, Bears, Chargers, Jaguars, Raiders and Titans in the first few weeks of the 2022 NFL. These teams will go head to head with Cal McNair’s team between September and October 2022. The Texans will face the music as more teams are expected to strike and challenge them until January 2023. NFL enthusiasts can follow their favorite teams through football betting on various sportsbooks to join in the fun if they are unable to make it to the game. 


The Houston Texans will face some of the toughest teams at their home (Texas). Other teams will be hosting them while some matches will be on the road. Their schedule is demanding as five of the teams they play against reached last season’s playoffs. These teams include the Raiders, Titans, Cowboys, Chiefs and Eagles. The ability to survive these matches will only be a tough test for the Texans. 


The AFC West division teams are made up of the most talented players. Even the Dolphins have gained more talent with the likes of Tyreek Hill on top of existing top players such as Jaylen Waddle. Facing these teams would be a little favorable for the Houstons when playing at home. The results could improve, and fans would get the improvement they’ve long been hoping for.

Performance Predictions

Since the Jaguars also experienced many losses last season, their match with the Houston Texans will be interesting. In both NFL 2020 and 2021, the Jaguars had a record of 3-14. If the Texans want to prove themselves and not disappoint fans again, the October 9 match will be their chance.


Other teams like the Colts, Chiefs, Chargers and the Eagles have strong defense and offense teams. The Colts’ addition of Matt Ryan has their offense looking great, and their chances of keeping the ball and earning more points are great. The Chargers added JC Jackson and Khalil Mack to their defense during the offseason. For a team that had many losses, lost one of their quarterbacks and has not improved their defense or offense, the Houstons do not stand a chance against many teams they’ll be facing this season. This is unless the new coach works magic to help the team improve.

Final Thoughts

Houston Texans have the most difficult schedule for this coming NFL season. Even the teams that did not do so well last season have somehow polished their skills in the offseason. Unlike these teams, the Houstons do not seem to have done much. So, there isn’t much expected from this team. The odds are against the Houstons; hence a loss worse than last season’s is expected. The only good thing this team may come out of this season is beating their own record. Otherwise, we don’t see them beating any other teams’ record.

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