Learn Everything You Need to Know About Baseball

A lot of people around the world love baseball. Although it is a popular sport, it is not given that you ever learned about it or that you know all the rules. The worst thing is to watch a game you do not understand. But don’t worry, we are here to help you!


For all beginners out there, we are going to tell you about some basic rules in baseball that you need to know. You will fit right in the next time you are invited to a match, and you will know everything about the game, so you feel confident the next time you bet on picks and parlays.


The basics of baseball

First, it is important to understand the basic mechanisms and rules of the game. Baseball is a sport where two teams with nine players meet each other with the intention of getting as many points as possible. 


The teams get these points by hitting the ball. When the ball hits the bat, the player runs through four different bases placed around the field. When the running player reaches the last base, which is called the home base, the team scores and this counts as one point.


Both teams take turns attacking and defending throughout the game. During the attack, players try to hit the ball to occupy the bases, cross them all and then score by running back to the home base. 


During the defensive phase, the team must prevent the opponents from running and scoring. To achieve this, the team must make an “out”, which stops the opponent’s run and prevents them from scoring. This “out” means that the defensive team catches the ball. 


As a defending team, there are several ways to get the player off the field, through an “out”. Baseball is a game with many strategies, both in attack and defense, meaning that there are a lot of different tactics that can lead to a win.


Pitcher, catcher and throwing rules

The “pitcher” is the player who throws the ball toward the batsman to get it out on the field. The opposite is the batsman in an attacking position. The batsman must try to move the ball by hitting it as far as possible. 


Their goal is to get the ball out of reach of the opposing team so that they can run and drive their teammates further on the bases, leading to a point. Each batsman has three chances to hit the ball and, if they miss a chance, this is called a “strike” – so, they have three strikes each. 


If they cannot hit the ball after three times, the batsman is out. Because of this, the pitchers try to throw the ball to secure a strike and prevent the batsman from running. As you may already be aware, this can be categorized as a defense strategy – trying to prevent the batsman from hitting the ball and running. 


Of course, there are rules for throwing that a player must follow. The pitcher must throw centered throws, and an inability to follow the rules allows the batsman to pass to first base instead of trying again or getting a strike. If the pitcher throws four bad throws outside the hit zone, the batsman can move to first base without hitting the ball.


The quality of the throw is determined by the referee who is located behind the defender. According to the basic rules of baseball, this figure is the highest authority in every game. The international federation regulates baseball through these referees, in order to make sure that everything is fair and square.


Basic rules of the “Out”

As we have already mentioned, an “out” is a move that gets the batsman off the field. In turn, this prevents the team from scoring a point, which again is a good thing for the defending team on the field. There are three ways to do this in baseball. 


The first is that the pitcher manages to throw three strikes against the batsman, meaning that the batsman does not hit the ball. The second possibility is when the batsman hits the ball, and an opponent receives the ball without the ball hitting the ground in the meantime.


Finally, the third possibility is that the player hits the ball, and that an opponent runs and takes the ball before they run toward the batsman to touch them while still being in possession of the ball. 


For this strategy to be effective, the running batsman must be between bases. Because the player is safe as soon as they step on a base, as long as the opponent does not touch them until they reach it. This means that they cannot be out if they already hit one of the bases.


Of course, a runner can be “outed” even during the duel between pitcher and batsman. Similarly, defensive runners can “steal bases” during the throws. First and third-base coaches recommend these races throughout their careers.


Some more complex rules in baseball

If a batsman manages to knock the ball off the field with a single stroke, this is called a “home run”. This technique allows all runners who are at any base to return to the home base safely. When this happens and every base is full, this is a Grand Slam and involves four races for the team that gets it. 


A manager and a number of coaches lead each team. These coaches direct the training and establish strategies to follow for each match. In addition, these figures can authorize changes in the lineup of players and add substitutes. In the case of pitchers, the coaches can replace them at any time during the match.



As you become familiar with the sport, many baseball rules make much more sense. Measurements of the pitch are basic, especially when it comes to professional matches. Apart from the complex requirements, there is no doubt that this sport is fun and entertaining.

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