SEC Outlook East and West


As the winds of college football change each season, so do the dynamics of teams and their ranking within the SEC. With Georgia setting a trailblazing pace, competition within the conference heats up, bringing in unexpected dark horses and stalwarts aiming to reclaim lost glory. 

This analysis dives deep into the East and West SEC conference+ and the teams to watch as they fight for a chance to become college football’s national champion or earn an invite to a major bowl game. 

Why Arkansas is Underrated in the SEC: The Formidable Offense

The Razorbacks, led by KJ Jefferson, present an offense that’s tough to decode. With his unique ability to run both inside and outside the tackles, coupled with the strategies under Dan Enos, they are a force to reckon with. Raheim Sanders’ partnership with Jefferson further intensifies their offensive potential.

The Defense’s Task Ahead

While the pass rush was impressive with a record 42 sacks last season, the defense’s overall metrics were concerning. Defensive coordinator Travis Williams has the monumental task of bolstering a defense that gave up a whopping 6.8 yards per play against Power Five opponents.

SEC East Teams to Beat

While Georgia’s dominance in the East is evident, it’s impossible to discount the challenges posed by teams like Tennessee and Kentucky. The Volunteers have made significant strides under Josh Heupel, and their focus on the ground game could be the differentiator. On the other hand, Kentucky’s consistent performance coupled with their revamped offense and staunch defense makes them a legitimate threat.

The Battle for Supremacy

The SEC East, historically, has always been a tough playground. This year, with teams vying for the top spot and looking to topple Georgia’s reign, the conference battles will be intense, drawing nationwide attention.

Georgia’s Dominance: The Champion’s Journey

Georgia’s ascent to the summit has been nothing short of exceptional. Their back-to-back national championships make them the team to beat. However, it’s noteworthy that their recent conference title was the first since 2017. 

This implies that while they’ve been spectacular nationally, the road within the SEC has been rocky. Their astonishing 29-1 record in the last two years cements their legacy, but the challenge within the conference is real.

Offensive Prowess

Georgia’s offense appears sturdy. The experience on the offensive line and the presence of Brock Bowers and Ladd McConkey will boost their attacking credentials. The incoming transfers from Missouri and Mississippi State, Dominic Lovett and Rara Thomas, only add more firepower. Carson Beck, succeeding quarterback Stetson Bennett, has big shoes to fill but has the arsenal to do so.

Tennessee’s Rise: New Beginnings Under Heupel

The Volunteers, under the leadership of coach Josh Heupel, are showcasing a resurgence. Former backup Joe Milton’s emergence as a potential all-conference level quarterback is a testament to their growing strength. 

The Importance of the Ground Game

For Tennessee, the ground game is critical. The magic number is 155 – their record showcases a staggering 15-2 when they rush more than this benchmark. The BYU transfers, linebacker Keenan Pili and cornerback Gabe Jeudy-Lally, will be pivotal in solidifying this aspect.

Kentucky – The Dark Horse: Positioning in the SEC East

Always lurking in the shadows, Kentucky could be the unexpected force this season. With favorable home games and a daunting trip to Georgia, they could be aiming for at least 10 regular season wins, a feat not achieved since 1977.

Offense and Defense Dynamics

With Liam Cohen’s return and the inclusion of quarterback Devin Leary from North Carolina State, Kentucky’s offense is set to dazzle. The 2019 performance, where they averaged 32.3 points per game, could be on the horizon. Defense, traditionally their strength under Mark Stoops, will continue its robust form.

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SEC West Teams to Beat

Alabama and LSU stand tall in the SEC West. Alabama, always a powerhouse, is in transition but remains formidable, especially with its renewed offensive strategy and a rock-solid defense. Meanwhile, LSU, rejuvenated under Brian Kelly, is showing signs of returning to its peak form, especially with the promising performances of Jayden Daniels.

The West’s Unpredictability

What makes the SEC West enthralling is its unpredictability. Last season’s surprise from LSU testifies to the conference’s depth. This year, with teams like Arkansas showing massive potential, it’s anybody’s game, making every match a must-watch.

West’s Mighty – Alabama: Change in Offensive Strategy

With Tommy Rees in the coordinator role, Alabama might shift strategies, albeit not drastically. The run will be more dominant with speedster Jalen Milroe leading from the front.

The defense, anchored by Kool-Aid McKinstry and Malachi Moore, will focus on turnovers. Their ability to adapt and produce more takeaways will be a crucial metric to watch.

LSU’s Renewed Vigor: The Brian Kelly Era

LSU under Brian Kelly has showcased promise. The upset against Alabama, the West Division title, and a Citrus Bowl victory are strong indicators. Quarterback Jayden Daniels, with improved protection this season, can change the game for LSU.

Defensive Challenges and Hope

Though the defense faltered against elite conference teams, the return of Maason Smith could be the boost it requires. His recovery and return will be keenly watched by fans and analysts alike.

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