The Rise of Female Gamers in Competitive eSports


Over the last ten years, the global esports scene has undergone a significant expansion. Many titles have witnessed the emergence of gaming tournaments that have garnered substantial fan followings and offered substantial prize pools.

What’s even crazier is that competitive gaming has reached a point where it’s going toe to toe with traditional sports. Numerous platforms allow fans to place bets on their teams and players or play online casino games while waiting for the matches to start.

At first, there were only tournaments organized for male competitors. Fortunately, ladies were quick to follow, and today there is a chance to see some of the best girl gamers on the planet.

Despite the field historically being dominated by males, this status quo is gradually evolving as we’re witnessing more and more changes.


Male & Female Pro Gaming Landscape

While male players have significantly outnumbered their female counterparts, there has been a notable increase in the presence of women gamers. Numerous studies indicate that women now make up nearly half of the global gaming population. 

Consequently, it’s no longer surprising to see various video game tournaments being organized specifically for female esports athletes. 

In the previous decade, as esports gained momentum, ladies often faced a hostile environment when competing professionally. 

They encountered sarcastic comments, unwarranted toxicity, and even direct harassment. This adversity, combined with the intense competition from male players and the pressure to achieve positive results, hindered the growth of women’s esports scenes on a large scale.


Gaming & Money

Female gamers used to receive significantly lower remuneration, and the prize pools for their tournaments were notably smaller compared to those of male gamers. 

However, these circumstances have gradually evolved over the years. The rise of the field has also led to increased recognition of the need for greater female representation in the competitive gaming scene.

In recent times, numerous popular games have successfully organized major video game events dedicated to female players, which have garnered significant popularity. 

For instance, Riot Games, the creators of VALORANT, hosted the VCT Game Changers Championship in November 2022, featuring eight girls’ VALORANT teams from across the globe. This tournament boasted an impressive total prize pool of USD 500,000 and achieved immense success, attracting over 200,000 peak viewers during the grand finals.


Mobile Version of Women’s Gaming

In the last few years, the mobile gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth, with many games establishing their own leagues on this platform. 

Mobile Legends – Bang Bang currently stands as the most widely played and watched mobile MOBA worldwide. Notably, the game has established a flourishing esports scene, and just last year, MOONTON Games announced an exclusive girls-only tournament for Southeast Asia.

Referred to as the MLBB Women’s Invitational (MWI), this event featured eight female teams from various countries and boasted a total prize pool of USD 15,000. MOONTON has already announced that MWI 2023 is scheduled for next month, promising a larger number of teams and an even more substantial prize pool.


Female Gaming Getting More Stars

While there has been a noticeable increase in women-only tournaments, particularly in team-based games, women gamers are also making significant strides by breaking into previously male-dominated organizations. 

In the Korean LCK Challenger’s League, Liiv SANDBOX made headlines by signing Jeon “DangMoo” Su Jin, marking her as the first female League of Legends professional player in Korea.

In February 2018, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon achieved a similar milestone by becoming the first and only woman player in Overwatch, as she joined the Shanghai Dragons at that time. 

Despite her limited playtime during that period and her departure from the organization two years later, Geguri’s journey undeniably showcased that women possess the same esports prowess as men. Her achievements inspired countless female gamers and sent a powerful message to esports organizations that female talent can reach remarkable heights with proper support.

The burgeoning online streaming industry has also made it somewhat easier for many lady gamers to attract prospective audiences with their exceptional gameplay. Nevertheless, there remains a substantial amount of work to be done to achieve more excellent representation of women in esports.


Final Thoughts

The world of esports has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, marked by events like inclusive tournaments and trailblazing individuals who’ve transcended traditional boundaries within the gaming industry. 

These pioneers demonstrate that talent and dedication are universal qualities that know no gender. Their journeys serve as an inspiration not only to aspiring gamers but to all who recognize the potential for excellence in any field.

While substantial progress has been achieved, the work towards equal representation and opportunities across esports continues. As the esports community continues to evolve, bolstered by ongoing support and acknowledgment of talent from all backgrounds. We can anticipate a more inclusive and diverse future for competitive gaming.

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