Top 5 Scholarships for Military Veterans Pursuing Higher Education

After serving in the military, pursuing higher education can be both an exciting and difficult experience. Being a veteran offers you many experiences and skills in the classroom, but sometimes, the cost of attending might make this goal difficult. Come along as we look at the top five scholarships that can help military veterans who want to return to school.

1. Heroes Among Us Scholarship

The Heroes Among Us Scholarship is a memorial to the bravery and selflessness of our military heroes. The Veterans Support Foundation established this fellowship to help veterans who want to pursue higher education make the transition easier. This scholarship is unique in that it emphasizes personal stories. They want to hear about you and your narrative, not your GPA. 

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2. Tillman Scholars Program

Dedicated to the memory of the late Pat Tillman, an Army Ranger and former NFL player, the Tillman Scholars Program goes beyond the traditional meaning of a scholarship. It’s a sense of belonging, a network of support, and an understanding of the particular difficulties that veterans can encounter when they return to school. In addition to offering financial assistance, the Tillman Scholars Program promotes a feeling of community. 

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3. Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship

The Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship honors the families of service members injured or killed in battle. It is a genuine recognition of the sacrifices made not only by veterans but also by their families. The Folds of Honor Foundation understands the importance of military service and family support. It not only offers educational possibilities to veterans but also to their spouses and children.

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4. AMVETS Scholarships

The AMVETS Scholarships, granted by the group that promotes veterans’ well-being, exemplify the spirit of camaraderie. It acknowledges the various routes veterans take after military service, and their scholarships reflect this understanding.

These scholarships cover various subjects, from science and technology to the arts. It acknowledges that veterans contribute a plethora of talents and perspectives to a variety of industries. You’re not only applying for a scholarship when you apply to AMVETS- you’re joining a heritage of service and a network that extends beyond the academic realm.

5. Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship

Children of service members can find hope in the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship, named in honor of a courageous Marine who gave his life. This scholarship serves as a link between different generations. It aims to lessen the financial strain of schooling for the offspring of those who have sacrificed so much while acknowledging the effects of military service on families.

Wrapping Up 

These scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are expressions of respect and recognition of the particular difficulties that military veterans and their families encounter. Remember that these scholarships are invitations to share your story, engage with a community, and create a future that recognizes your sacrifice and service.

Author: Donnie Jackson
Donnie Jackson is a writer and educator. He is passionate about writing on social causes. He also likes to help students improve their writing skills and achieve their professional goals. When not working, Donnie can be found playing with his pet dog. 


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