The Best Card Games to Win at a Casino


If you are into playing online casino games, then you must have come across many different types of card games in your iGaming escapades. More often than not, your skill or understanding of the gameplay usually counts and will directly affect your chances of landing a payout. On top of that, you have to be deliberate about which game you choose because they come with a house edge that determines your winning potential as you enjoy yourself.

So, while it is true that strategy and luck go a long way towards earning you healthy wins, you must consider the in-built odds of landing a payout in your favourite cards-involving activity. That’s because if such a game has a high house edge, your chances of bagging returns from your gaming sessions are reduced, and the reverse is also true. With that in mind, here’s a look at the top card games which offer the best odds of turning your wagers into profit as you engage in the gameplay.


Blackjack is one of the easiest amusements to play, which also follows that it is one of the best card-based amusements you can play to relish higher returns if you make the right moves. Like many card games, the casino profit will vary from one spinoff to another, but ultimately, it can be reduced to lower than 1%, provided you have an effective strategy up your sleeves.

For instance, in a blackjack game with 6 decks, players could enjoy working with a casino advantage that’s as low as 0.6%, provided they have the correct strategy. The house edge gets this low because the dealer can hit at soft 17, and you can double down on any of your first pair of cards even after you split pairs. In some cases, this casino profit could go even lower than 0.2%!

Moreover, unlike slightly more complicated games like poker, where you might be pitted against brilliant, more experienced poker heads, you only play with the blackjack dealer. Meanwhile, even though there’s the notion that skilled card counters may get an edge over the house, this skill is impossible to apply while playing blackjack online. That’s because the deck of cards is usually shuffled before each deal of cards in online mode.


Like blackjack, baccarat is one of the easiest card-involving games to play as it features some easy gameplay rules. Here, only two hands are dealt – the player hand and the dealer hand where you are supposed to bet on one of the two hands winning or a tie.

While baccarat has an exceptionally low house edge, your winning odds will depend on the wager you place. Here’s a quick table highlighting the winning odds of each of the stakes you can place, the commission the house charges on the payouts if you win, and the resulting advantage of the casino:

Baccarat Bet Winning Odds House Commission House Edge
Player 44.6% No Commission 1.24%
Banker 45.9% 5% 1.06%
Tie 9.5% No Commission 14.4%

From the table above, you can see that it is best to stay away from the tie wager in baccarat because of the significantly higher house edge compared to the other bets. Meanwhile, the 5% commission charged on the banker’s bet payout is usually imposed as a strategy by the casino to dissuade players from wagering on the said hand. 


While the peer-to-peer version of poker pits you directly against a fellow player, some game variants will see you squaring up against the house. Either way, the one thing you must remember when playing poker is that it is one of the most complicated card-based ways of entertainment around. Thus, honing your skillset should be something that you deliberately do if you want to keep your winning chances high.

Aggressive players who follow their ante bet, even with weaker hands, usually have a house edge ranging between 3 and 4%. And the same casino profit applies to the more cautious players who often fold too soon. So to boost your winning potential, the rule of thumb is to pursue your ante with a wager and keep your eye on the prize with stronger hands but stay ready to fold for weaker hands. With such an approach, the game’s house edge will drop to a favourable 2.5% or even lower, meaning you’ll have higher winning potential.

Think Twice Before Choosing a Game

The sharpest card players usually focus on strategies when they want to make the most of their gaming. While it is true that experience goes a long way toward securing wins for players, increasing one’s potential winnings goes beyond forming effective strategies. It also involves picking card-based games with the best odds, which gives you great room for making profits in the long run.

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